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How can I type faster?

The onscreen keyboard of your phone is highly customizable. You can modify its settings and options to enhance your typing experience.

Here are some tips that you could try:

  • Switch to landscape mode.With two fingers, swipe down from the status bar and check if Auto rotate turned on. Open the app you need, and then tap a text field to show the keyboard. Turn your phone sideways to bring up a bigger keyboard.
    You can then tap > Split.
  • Resize or reposition the keyboard.

    Open the app you need, and then tap a text field to show the keyboard. Tap , and then tap Resize. Drag any of the border arrows to resize your keyboard.

    To move the keyboard up, drag the center button up.

  • Show the numeric keys on the top row of the keyboard. Open the Settings app, and then tap Language & keyboard > Touchpal - HTC Sense Version > General settings. Select Number Row.
  • Turn on Contextual prediction.Go to Settings > Language & keyboard > TouchPal - HTC Sense Version > Smart input, and then make sure that Contextual prediction is selected. This option enables next word prediction and will also allow the keyboard to learn from the usual word patterns you type for better word suggestions.
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