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What is the Freestyle layout and how do I use it?

HTC Themes offers you a new and different way to customize the Home screen and we call it Freestyle layout.

The Home screen usually follows a design grid that allows you where you can place widgets and app icons. Your Home screen items need to be along a straight horizontal and vertical lines.

Freestyle layout gives you more control of where you want to put your Home screen items. You can also choose different stickers as app shortcuts, instead of the regular app icons.

Here's how you can use this type of Home screen layout:

  1. Press and hold an empty space on a widget panel.
  2. Tap Change Home screen layout > Freestyle layout.

    If it's your first time to do this, you will see a quick walkthrough about Freestyle layout. Swipe left on the screen, and then tap Get started to see the Freestyle layouts screen.

  3. If you've signed in to the Themes app, you'll see available themes to try. Tap a theme to view it.

    If you don't see any themes on this screen, you may not be signed in yet to the Themes app. Just tap > Sign in, and then log in using your preferred online account.

  4. You can preview the look and feel of the theme to be applied by browsing through the thumbnails above the Download button.

  5. Tap Download, and then tap Apply.
  6. When done, press to see your changes.
  7. If you want to change the app link of an existing sticker, press and hold it, drag it to Relink, and then choose an app to link to.
  8. To add more stickers, press and hold an empty space on the Home screen, and then tap Add stickers. Choose a sticker from the options, and then drag it to the Home screen.
  9. Tap an unlinked sticker to link it to an app.
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