Making international calls

Making international calls

When placing international calls, plus code dialing automatically adds the international dialing code for your location (for example, 011 for international calls made from the U.S.).
  • In Settings > Call > Plus code dialing, make sure the North American dialing option is selected.
  • To call someone in your contacts list, the stored phone number needs to have a "‍+"‍ sign followed by the country code and phone number.
  • Using a roaming service may incur additional charges. Check with your mobile operator for rates before using a roaming service.
  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. You can:
    • Enter the first few letters of a contact name, and then tap a contact to call.
    • If you don't have the number stored, press and hold the zero key until a "‍+"‍ sign appears. Then enter the country code and phone number and tap Call.
The Phone dialer automatically adds your international dialing code to the number.
Note: The Phone dialer dials as is and doesn't automatically add your international access code when:
  • You dial a phone number that has a "‍+1"‍ in front.
  • There's no plus sign in front of the number.

Changing the international dialing code

By default, the international dialing code is set to 011. When you're traveling in another country, you can set the international dialing code to your current location.
  1. Go to Settings, and then tap Call.
  2. Tap Plus code dialing.
  3. Tap International dialing.
  4. Enter the dialing code of the country where you're located, and then tap OK.
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