Adding a new contact

Adding a new contact

  1. On the Contacts tab, tap .
  2. Tap the Name field, and then enter the contact name.
    Tip: Tap if you want to separately enter the contact's first, middle, and last name. Depending on the contact type, you may also be able to add other info such as a name suffix (for example, "‍Jr."‍).
  3. Select the Contact type. This determines which account the contact will sync with.
    Note: Some fields may not be available when you’re adding contacts to a SIM card.
  4. Enter the contact information in the fields provided.
  5. Tap Save.
When you tap the added contact on your contacts list, you'll see the contact information and your exchange of messages and calls. Depending on the information that you've added to the contact (such as an email address), you'll also be able to see the contact's social network updates, events, and photos.

Finding people you know on social networks

HTC One S automatically searches for your phone contacts on different social networks you're signed into. Based on matching email addresses and contact details, you can send requests to your contacts to join your social network.
  1. On the Contacts tab, tap > Settings > Find people you know on.
  2. Select one or more social networks, and then tap Done.
Tip: To manually refresh the list of people suggestions, tap > Manage contacts > Linked contacts. On the Suggested tab, tap > Refresh.

Sending social network requests to your contacts

  1. Tap the People you know notification (when it's available on the Contacts tab).
  2. Choose the people to follow or send friend requests using the social networks you're signed into.
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