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How can I access settings faster?

No more navigating back to the main settings screen by screen. There's a slideout menu that you can open anytime to directly access the main settings.

Swipe right on the Settings screen to see the list of main settings and quickly jump from one setting to another. At the top of the Settings screen, see suggestions for how to get more out of your phone.

Quick Settings

Use the Quick Settings bar to toggle Wi‍-Fi and other quick settings on and off. Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Notifications panel. Right below the Settings button, you'll see the first six Quick Settings shortcuts. To see all of the Quick Settings shortcuts, with two fingers, swipe down from the status bar.

You can remove, replace, or rearrange the tiles in Quick Settings. With two fingers, swipe down from the status bar, and then tap Drop down list.

  • Press and hold a tile, and then drag it to your desired position.
  • Press and hold a tile, and then drag it to Drag here to remove to hide it from the Quick Settings panel.
  • Under the Drag to add tiles section, drag a tile up to show it in the Quick Settings panel.
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