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    Can I change the color theme of HTC BlinkFeed and apps?
    In Settings, you can choose a preset theme that has a different set of colors. You can't choose your own colors.
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    What's new in the Android 5.0 Lollipop update?
    The Android™ 5.0 Lollipop update provides system enhancements and app updates.

    System enhancements

    • Moved the notification options from Display & gestures to the renamed Sound & notification settings
    • New option to choose which apps to get notifications from in Sound & notification > App notifications
    • New Smart Lock security feature with options for face matching or trusted device pairing
    • New search option in Settings
    • Android Beam™ is now an option in the share menu
    • More display options in Accessibility settings, such as color inversion and color correction
    • New look for the Recent apps screen, with the option to revert to the previous grid view layout
    • Quick Settings can also be accessed by swiping down twice from the status bar
    • After restarting the phone, all recently opened apps will still be present on the Recent apps screen
    App updates
    • Redesigned layout for Google® apps such as Gmail and Maps
    • New productivity-related apps from Google®, such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides
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    What are the changes in the Android 5.0 update?

    Due to changes in Android 5.0, the following features are no longer supported in this update:

    • Lock screen widgets
    • Swiping right or left to unlock the screen to HTC BlinkFeed™ or the default Home screen

    Also, due to the changes in the design of some HTC apps, the 3D Globe graphics in the Clock app's World Clock tab has been removed.

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    Can I cut my micro SIM to a nano SIM so it can fit in my phone?
    No, do NOT do so.

    The micro SIM is thicker than the nano SIM. If you insert a modified SIM, it may get stuck in the SIM slot. You can get a nano SIM from your mobile operator or the retail store where you bought the phone.

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    Why does the weather clock widget sometimes appear on HTC BlinkFeed, and sometimes it doesn't?
    The weather clock widget doesn't show on HTC BlinkFeed by default. This is because the widget panel which is your main Home screen by default already has the weather clock widget.

    Once you change HTC BlinkFeed to be your main Home screen, the weather clock widget will then show on HTC BlinkFeed. For details, see the topic about changing the main Home screen in the user guide or how-tos.

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    Phone not responding to Motion Launch gestures?
    In Settings > Display & gestures, tap Motion Launch gestures and make sure this feature is turned on.

    If Motion Launch is already on but your phone is not responding to your gestures, see the possible causes below.

    • There was no motion gesture before the finger gesture. Make sure to lift the phone first before doing the finger gesture.
    • Length of swiping was too short. Swipe a longer distance across your screen.
    • When swiping up to unlock the screen, you didn't swipe from the bottom half of the screen.
    • When swiping down to use the Quick call feature for voice dialing, you didn't swipe from the upper half of the screen.
    • If you don't have a nano SIM card inserted, Quick call will not work.
    • Voice dialing will not work if you didn't hold the phone close enough. Hold the phone closer to your mouth and try saying the voice command again.
    • If Camera didn't launch, you may not have pressed the VOLUME button after lifting the phone in landscape orientation.
    • You may have covered the proximity sensor while holding the phone. Check the user guide to see where this sensor is located on the phone.
    • The duration of swiping may be too long. Release your finger when the phone vibrates.

    You can also try recalibrating the G-Sensor. Go to Settings, and then tap Display & gestures > G-Sensor calibration.

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    Will HTC BlinkFeed use up too much power and memory?
    HTC BlinkFeed is optimized to work well on your phone without draining your battery or taking too much memory or RAM.

    Even when you've set HTC BlinkFeed to update frequently, your battery usage is about the same as when you're browsing stuff on your phone. Also, RAM usage of HTC BlinkFeed is low. This, of course, depends on the number of feed sources you have selected in HTC BlinkFeed.

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    Does a SIM card need to be inserted to use HTC Transfer?
    No. HTC Transfer uses Wi‍-Fi® to transfer your data from your old phone to your new phone. On your old phone, you can either use a Wi‍-Fi or data connection to download the HTC Transfer Tool.
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    How do I switch between HTC BlinkFeed and the home screen app that I downloaded?
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    Can the lock screen be removed or hidden?
    Yes. If you prefer not to have a lock screen, you can disable it in Settings.
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    What's the auto-refresh schedule of HTC BlinkFeed?
    You can refresh HTC BlinkFeed anytime by manually pulling down on the screen. If you want feeds to auto-refresh, here's when HTC BlinkFeed automatically refreshes content:
    • If your phone is on Wi‍-Fi, HTC BlinkFeed refreshes content every hour.

      Plug in your phone while connected to Wi‍-Fi and HTC BlinkFeed refreshes every fifteen minutes.

    • If you've set HTC BlinkFeed to auto-refresh using your mobile data or Wi‍-Fi connection, content will be refreshed every two hours when the phone uses data connection.
    • Some feeds from apps like Calendar may only happen once per day.

    Updating content for the first time for newly added feeds may take a few minutes.

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    Can I still use HTC BlinkFeed even when I'm offline?
    Yes. HTC BlinkFeed displays cached content when you're not connected to the Internet.

    Go to HTC BlinkFeed settings and tap Offline news reading to set whether to cache text only or full articles for offline reading.

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    How do I switch between the HTC Sense keyboard and third-party input methods?
    If you installed a third-party input method or keyboard, turn it on first to be able to see it in the input method selection menu from the Notifications panel.
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