Changing the video playback speed
Compose a video with variable speed playback

Changing the video playback speed

Want to add a cinematic flair to your videos by slowing down particular scenes? You can vary the playback speed of selected sections of a slow motion video.
Important: You can only change the video playback speed of videos captured using the slow motion scene in the Camera app.
  1. In the Gallery app's Album view, find the slow motion video you want to edit and tap .
  2. Tap to switch between normal and slow motion playback.
  3. To adjust the playback speed of the video, tap > Edit > Adjust playback speed.
  4. Frame the sequence you want to slow down by moving the left and right sliders.
  5. Choose how much to slow the sequence down.
  6. Tap to watch the result.
  7. Tap Save.
The edited video is saved as a new file. The original video remains unedited.
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