Using the Clock

Using the Clock

About the HTC Clock widget

Use the HTC Clock widget to see your current date, time, and location. You can also use the Clock to show the time in another city.

Changing the location on the Clock widget

By default, the Clock widget displays your current weather. You can customize the Clock widget on your Home screen to show the weather of another location.
  1. Press and hold the Clock widget and then drag it to the edit button .
  2. Choose a city.

    If you don't see the city that you want, tap Add city to search for it and add it.

  3. Tap Done.
Tip: You can add more than one Clock widget to the extended Home screen. Choose from a variety of looks and designs and select the city to display.

Using the Clock app

Get more from the Clock app than just the regular date and time. Use HTC Jetstream as a desk clock complete with weather information or as a world clock so you can see what time it is in several cities across the globe. You can also use it as an alarm clock, stopwatch, and countdown timer.
To open the Clock app, do one of the following:
  • Tap the Clock widget on the Home screen.
  • From the Home screen, tap and then tap Clock.
Tap the tabs on the bottom row or slide your finger across the tabs to switch between the different functions of the Clock app.

Using Desk Clock

The Desk Clock displays the current date, time, and weather. It also shows an alarm clock indicator and your upcoming calendar events.
  • Tap the weather image or information to open the Weather app where you can see weather forecasts for the next few days.
  • Tap to switch to Dock mode in full screen.
  • If you have several upcoming calendar events, scroll down the list to check your events.

Using World Clock

Use the Clock app's World Clock tab to check the current time in several places around the globe simultaneously. You can also set your home city, add more cities to the world clock list, and manually set your time zone, date, and time.

Setting your home city

  1. On the World Clock tab, tap > Home settings.
  2. Enter your home city’s name. As you enter letters, the list is filtered to show matching cities and countries.
  3. Scroll through the list and tap your home city.

Setting the time zone, date, and time

Important: To set the time zone, date, and time on HTC Jetstream manually, you need to turn off auto time sync first.
  1. On the World Clock tab, tap > Local time settings.
  2. Clear the Automatic date & time and Automatic time zone check boxes.
  3. Set the time zone, date, and time as required.
Tip: You can also set the date and time in > Settings > Date & time.

Adding a city in World Clock

Add more cities to the World Clock screen so you can instantly check the date and time in these cities.
  1. On the World Clock tab, tap .
  2. Enter the city name you want to add. As you enter letters, the list is filtered to show matching cities and countries.
  3. Scroll through the matching list and tap the city that you want to add.

Setting an alarm

You can use the Clock app's Alarms tab to set up one or more wake-up alarms.
  1. On the Alarms tab, select the check box of an alarm.
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. Under Set alarm, drag your finger up or down to roll the time scroll wheels and set the alarm time.
  4. Choose from the available options. You can:
    • Enter the alarm Description and choose the Alarm sound to use.
    • Tap Repeat. Select which days of the week to sound the alarm, and then tap OK.
    • Select the Vibrate check box if you want HTC Jetstream to also vibrate when the alarm goes off.
  5. After you've finished setting the alarm, tap Done.
  • To turn off an alarm, clear the check box of that alarm.
  • If you need to set more than three alarms, tap .

Deleting an alarm

  1. On the Alarms tab, tap > Delete.
  2. Select the alarms you want to delete and then tap Delete.

Changing alarm sound settings

On the Alarms tab, tap > Settings. You can change the following settings:
Alarm in silent mode Selected by default, this option allows the alarm to sound even when the volume is set to silent. Clear this check box if you want to silence the alarm when HTC Jetstream is in silent mode.
Alarm volume Set the volume level that you want for the alarm.
Snooze duration Set how long to snooze between alarms.
Side button behavior Choose what happens to the alarm when pressing the side button (VOLUME UP/VOLUME DOWN). You can set the button to snooze, dismiss the alarm, or disable the button. The side button works only when the screen is not locked.
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