Camera basics

Camera basics

Whether traveling for business or fun, enjoy taking photos and videos of your trip with HTC Jetstream.

  • To open the camera in photo mode and take photos, tap from the Home screen, and then tap Camera.
  • To open the camera directly in video mode so you can immediately start capturing videos, tap from the Home screen, and then tap Camcorder.

Viewfinder screen

You’ll find the onscreen controls and indicators on the Viewfinder screen.
  • Tap the onscreen buttons to switch between photo and video modes, add effects, and more.
  • Use the zoom bar to take a long shot or a close-up of your subject, and adjustments in between. The auto focus indicator tells you where the focus is on the Viewfinder screen.
  • Tap to go to the Gallery app.


Before taking a photo or video, you can first use the onscreen zoom bar to zoom in or out of your subject.
Simply slide your finger up or down the zoom bar to zoom in or out.

When you're recording video, the zoom bar is always shown onscreen. You can freely zoom in or out while recording.

Auto focusing

Whenever you point the camera at a different subject or location, it shows the auto focus indicator at the center of the Viewfinder screen.

Let the camera auto focus on the center of the screen. Or you can tap another area on the screen that you want to focus on.

Using the front camera

Take a picture or shoot a video of yourself using the front camera.
To switch to the front camera, on the camera screen, tap or . To switch back to the main camera, tap or again.
Note: Some camera features are not available when you’re using the front camera, such as auto focusing, zooming, and face detection.
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