Writing a note

Writing a note

  1. From the Home screen, tap > Notes.
    Note: If you open the Notes app while you have an ongoing meeting (saved in Calendar), you can associate a note directly with this event.
  2. Open a notebook, and then tap .
  3. Do any of the following:
    • Tap Enter title with your finger, and then type in a note title.
    • Tap on the note to move the text cursor to a page line, then start typing in your text.
  4. Use your tablet pen to write, draw over text, highlight, doodle, and more.
  5. When done, tap > Save.

Adding a photo or attachment to your note

While you have a note open, tap , and then choose from the following options:
Picture Take a photo and attach it, or attach an existing photo.
Audio Attach an audio file.
Document Attach a PDF file.
File Attach any other file.

Clipping an app screen or a web page

On HTC Jetstream, you can clip app screens and web pages as images, and then insert them to your notes.
  1. Open the app or web page you want to clip.
  2. With the tablet pen, tap > Take a screenshot to enter Scribble mode.
  3. Tap Save to add the clipped image into a new note.
Tip: If you want to clip web pages without converting them to images, you can sign in and use Evernote on your computer, and then sync your clipped notes with the Notes app. You need to install the Evernote Web Clipper on your computer before you can clip content from the Web. For details, see www.evernote.com.

Taking notes during meetings or discussions

The Notes app lets you capture thoughts, action plans, and meeting minutes better than just writing them down.
While you have a note open, you can:
Create a new note Tap .
Record voice clips Tap to start and stop audio recording.

(You also need to stop recording first when you want to create a new note page.)

Link the note to an event Tap , and then select the event to link to in Calendar.

Saving a note

Although the Notes app automatically saves your work when you tap , you can still manually save your notes to make sure nothing is lost.
While you have your note open, tap > Save.
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