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    Why does it take so long to charge my device using the USB?
    The USB cable acts as a trickle charger, so it will take longer than if you were using an AC charger. While the USB will work, it is recommended to use the AC charger, especially if the battery level reaches 10% or below.
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    Where do I put the microSD card?
    Remove the top back cover of the device above the camera. Place the microSD card inside the slot on the right.
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    What are the options for external memory for my device?
    The device supports up to 32GB microSD memory cards.
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    How do I use the device's storage card as a USB Drive?
    Connect the device to the computer using the provided USB cable. When prompted, choose Disk drive from the on-screen prompt.
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    Why can’t I see pictures stored on my microSD card when my tablet is connected to my computer?
    You will be unable to view data stored on your SD card if your tablet is mounted to your computer as a Disk drive.

    If you wish to view the contents of your SD card but keep the device connected to your computer, you may switch it to Charge only mode. Tap the USB icon in your notifications tray, change the mode on the pop-up and tap Done. Please note that you will be unable to transfer files in this mode.
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    What can I use to charge my device?
    Only the AC adapter and the USB cable provided with your device should be used to charge the device.
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    How can I prolong my tablet's battery life?

    Follow these simple tips in order to maximize battery life.

    1. When not in use, always disable your tablet's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.
    2. Set the backlight setting to minimum level you are comfortable using.
    3. Always charge the tablet using the power adapter since charging through USB uses low amperage.
    4. Try uninstalling 3rd party software. Since it is not tested by HTC, there is a risk in impacting your tablet's performance, including battery life.
    5. You may also check the signal strength in your area. Whenever it gets unstable, the tablet will keep searching for a stronger signal. This may also shorten battery life.
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    When I first receive my device do I need to charge the battery?
    Your device ships with a partially charged battery so it’s suggested that you charge your battery fully before first use. The battery is fully charged when the notification LED turns green. It is recommended to charge the battery for 8 hours the first time to ensure that the battery has had time to recharge.

    : For the best performance, only use the charger and cable provided in the box your device was shipped in.
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    How do I keep the screen turned ON while charging the tablet?
    You can keep the screen from turning off while you’re charging the tablet. From the Home screen, go to All apps > Settings > Applications > Development, then select the Stay awake check box.

    : All apps is the square icon in the upper-right corner of the home screen that opens the tablet’s application menu.
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