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    My device shows “No Service” but I know that there is coverage at my location.
    The antenna for this device is embedded in the bottom cover. If the bottom cover is not installed correctly, securely affixed, or if it has been damaged, this could be the cause of the device not picking up on a signal.
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    How do I sync my contacts & calendar to Gmail?

    Your contacts will be backed up to the Google servers as long as you choose Google as the Contact type when saving or creating calendar events and contacts.

    To ensure contacts get properly backed up to Google, from the Home screen go to Menu > Settings > Accounts & sync > Google and ensure Sync contacts is checked.

    NOTE: Resetting your handset to factory or manufacturer's default setting will delete all the data stored on your phone memory. Saving your contact as a ‘Google’ contact will ensure it gets backed up.

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  • 3:
    How do I setup my Email?

    From the Home screen, touch the Mail icon. Select the account type: Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync or Other (POP3/IMAP) and follow the onscreen prompts.

    Note: Gmail has its own stub app and should be set up by going to the All Applications Tab and selecting Gmail.

    Note: Once you have set up your Gmail account, you will automatically be signed into Market.

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  • 4:
    How do I send an MMS from my device?

    Use the same steps as you would for SMS, but before touching send, touch the onscreen paperclip icon or select Menu>Attach and attach your media file.

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  • 5:
    How can I adjust my in-call volume?

    While on an active call, press the Volume up/Volume down button on the left side of the device to adjust the in-call volume.

    Note: this option is only available while on an active call.

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  • 6:
    Why can't I view some attachments?

    Some attachments may not be supported. This device comes with QuickOffice and an Adobe PDF Viewer for viewing Office Documents (including Office 2007) and supports a variety of file types. You may browse the Market to attempt to find a program that support the file type you would like to view.

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  • 7:
    How can I make a conference call?
    Establish the first call. Once connected, press Menu>Add Call. Dial the second call and touch Call and the first call is placed on hold. Once connected on the second call, touch Menu>Merge Calls.
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  • 8:
    How do I send an SMS from my device?

    On the Home screen, select All Applications>Messages>Compose message. Touch the To field to enter/select the recipient. Touch the Add text box to enter your message. Touch Send when complete.

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  • 9:
    How do I turn the phone function on and off?

    If you wish to turn off the phone function but still be able to use the device, the best way is to switch to Airplane mode. When you enable Airplane mode, all wireless radios on your phone are turned off, including the phone function, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. From the Home screen, go to Menu>Settings>Wireless & networks and tap to enable Airplane mode.

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  • 10:
    Can I set up more than one Gmail account on my device?
    You can add more than one Google Account on your device using the Mail application (the Gmail application only allows for one account to be set up). However, subsequent Google Accounts can only synchronize Gmail email and contacts. Other Google services, such as Android Market and Google Talk, use the first Google Account you set up on the device
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  • 11:
    How can I set my contacts to use speed dial?

    To set a contact to a speed dial number from the Home screen, tap Phone > Menu > Speed dial > Add new and then select the contacts you want to add to speed dial. Next, assign a Number for the contact, assign a Location on the dial pad for the speed dial and then tap Save.

    To call a contact that has been assigned to a speed dial, from the Home screen go to Phone > Menu > Speed Dial and tap on the contact you want to call, it will then call the contact directly.

    NOTE: There are also speed dial widgets you can use, such as Direct Dial that will place a speed dial icon directly on the home screen.
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  • 12:
    How do I setup my Contact Card?

    My contact card provides a convenient way to store your personal contact information so that you can easily send it via MMS.

    In addition, you can log in to your FacebookTM and Flickr® accounts to receive notifications of your contacts' updates and events.

    On the All tab of the People screen, tap My profile, and then press Menu>Edit. Make the desired changes and touch Save.

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  • 13:
    How can I disable my SMS/MMS Sent notifications?

    From within the Messages application, select Menu>Settings>Notifications and change the Display Message on Screen setting to None

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  • 14:
    How do I answer Call Waiting?
    While on an active call, when a second call comes in, the incoming call screen will appear giving you the option to answer or decline the call.

    If you select Answer, the first call will be placed on hold while you accept the second.

    To switch between the calls, simply touch on the call you want to go to and the other call is placed on hold.
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  • 15:
    How do I access the Phone function on the device?
    From the Home screen, touch the Phone soft key at the bottom of the screen.
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  • 16:
    Can I access Instant Messenger on my device?

    This device comes pre-loaded with an Google Talk, which allows you to send instant messages using your integrated Google account. To access this, go to All Applications>Talk

    If you wish to use a different Instant Messaging service such as Yahoo! or MSN, you can search Android Market for a suitable application.

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  • 17:
    How can I quickly switch to Speakerphone?
    While on the call, there will be an onscreen button to enable/disable speakerphone.
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  • 18:
    Can I have my SMS/MMS automatically forwarded to another phone number or email address?

    Yes, you can set your SMS/MMS to be automatically forwarded to another phone number or email address by going to Home>All Applications> Messages>Menu>Settings>General. Scroll down to the Message Forwarding section and change the settings.

    When this option is enabled, there will be a static icon on the Notification bar of your screen. Please check with AT&T for any additional charges for this service.

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  • 19:
    Can I quickly call on a contact using a voice command?

    Yes. To quickly launch the Voice Dialer application from the Home screen, tap and hold the Search (magnifying glass) key until the Speak Now prompt is displayed. Speak your call command to initiate the call, for example: <call> <Amy>.

    Alternatively, go to All apps > Voice Dialer to launch the Speak Now prompt.

    NOTE 1: All apps is the square icon in the lower left corner of the home screen that opens the phone's application menu.
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  • 20:
    My SMS/MMS are deleting themselves, what can I do?

    Your SMS/MMS storage limit is limited in 2 ways: The amount of total available memory on your device, and through an optional message limit.

    To change the storage limit from the Messages application, go to Menu>Settings>General choose to check or uncheck Delete old messages. If this option is checked, you can then edit the storage limits for text messages and multimedia messages.

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  • 21:
    How can I put a call on Mute?
    While on the call, there will be an onscreen button to enable/disable Mute.
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  • 22:
    Can I sync my Hotmail contacts to my phone?

    The handset only supports synchronizing with a Gmail account by default, and you need to export your Hotmail contacts to your Gmail account first and then sync the handset with your Gmail account.

    You may search for instructions on how you can export your contacts from your Hotmail account and how to import the contacts to your Gmail account.

    You may also search for software that enables you to export your Hotmail contacts to the handset automatically in Android Market.

    To search Android Market, press All apps on the home screen and select Market. Search for the keyword transfer Hotmail contacts and it will give the relevant results.

    NOTE 1: To access Android Market, you must sign in to your Google Account first. Paid application availability will vary by region.

    NOTE 2: All apps is the square icon in the lower left corner of the home screen that opens the phone's application menu.
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  • 23:
    What types of email does my device support?
    This device supports POP, IMAP, and Microsoft Exchange email.
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  • 24:
    How do I link a contact to FacebookTM?

    In the People application, select any non-SIM contact. Go to Menu>Link and then touch the Link icon next to the contact’s Facebook profile.

    Note: For this to work, a Facebook account must be set up on the device, and device set to import Facebook contacts.
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  • 25:
    How many email accounts can my device support?
    10 accounts: 1 integrated Gmail, and up to 9 other POP3/IMAP4/Exchange accounts.
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  • 26:
    How do I send a meeting request from my phone?

    Go to All Programs> Calendar Menu> New event (+).

    Select your Google Account (or one of your other Calendars) or your Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync calendar from the Calendar drop down menu.

    Enter the event name, time, location, and description, and then set the event reminders and repetition.

    Do one of the following: For a Google Account calendar, tap the Guests box and then enter the email addresses of people you wish to invite.

    Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.

    For a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync calendar, go to Menu>Meeting invitation. Tap and choose attendees from your contacts or Company Directory, enter your message, and then tap Send. Tap Save to add the event to the Calendar.

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  • 27:
    Can I add my signature when replying to e-mails on my device?

    In Mail on your device, tap Menu>More>Settings>General Settings. Edit the signature and select Save. Once you have set up this option, all outbound email from all accounts set up on your device will have this signature.

    Note: There is not an option to set a different signature from different accounts on your device.

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  • 28:
    How can I combine my phone contacts to my Facebook accounts?
    In order to combine or link your contacts to your social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr, from the Home screen tap All apps > People > tap the desired contact you want to link > Menu > Link > choose from which account you would like to link > tap the desired contact from the account > Done

    NOTE 1: All apps is the square icon in the lower left corner of the home screen that opens the phone's application menu.
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  • 29:
    How do I setup multiple numbers in a single contact?

    Make sure that the contact is saved on either the phone memory or your Google account.

    To setup multiple numbers in a single contact, from the home screen press All apps > People then tap the contact that you wish to add details to and press Menu > Edit and then you can add a phone number by pressing Add below phone.

    NOTE 1: All apps is the square icon in the lower left corner of the home screen that opens the phone's application menu.

    NOTE 2: You can also add other details like email, postal address and more by tapping the add option on the corresponding detail.
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  • 30:
    Why are messages marked as read when checking my Exchange Server email?

    Your Exchange Server may have settings, which by default, mark emails retrieved from your device as read. Please contact your system administrator to find out what settings your Exchange Server uses.

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