Scribble mode

Scribble mode

In apps that don't have integrated support for tablet pen interactions, you can switch on Scribble mode so you can use the tablet pen. When in Scribble mode, HTC Flyer captures the current screen as an image where you can freely draw or mark items.
  1. While you're in an app that supports Scribble mode, switch the mode on by tapping any part of the screen with the tablet pen.
    Note: Scribble mode is not supported when you're:
    • Using an app that lets you freely draw with the tablet pen.
    • Playing a video or slideshow in Gallery.
    • Reading, playing, or viewing copyrighted materials.
    • Framing subjects in the Viewfinder screen of Camera or Camcorder.
    • Entering text using the onscreen keyboard.
  2. Press when you no longer want to be in Scribble mode. This discards all your scribbles on the current screen.
If you don't want to enter Scribble mode every time you tap the tablet pen on HTC Flyer, press from the Home screen, and then tap Settings > Pen. Clear the Auto launch Scribble mode check box.

After scribbling

Tap with your finger to select the next action you want for your scribbles.
When you're done scribbling on an app screen, press to show the following options:
Save Tap to save the clipped screen and your scribbles as an image.

When you select this option, your scribbled image is automatically inserted into a page in Notes. You can also view your scribbles in Gallery.

Share via Tap to send the image to your computer or another device using Bluetooth, send it by email, or select a social network where you want to upload it to.
Print If you're connected to a printer over Wi-Fi, tap to send the image for printing.
Discard Tap to delete the image and exit Scribble mode.
Tip: You can also tap the screen with your finger to show or hide the Scribble mode options.
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