About the tablet pen

About the tablet pen

Whether for work or play, we've made something so common yet useful as a pen seamlessly fit your mobile experience. On HTC Flyer, use the tablet pen to take notes, draw pictures, sign contracts, and more.
Note: In some regions, the pen may not be included in the box. Contact your service provider or retail store for details on purchasing the pen.
1 Battery cap Open the cap when you want to replace the battery of your tablet pen.
2 ERASER button Lets you erase your pen strokes on the current screen.
3 HIGHLIGHTER button Lets you highlight text in pen-integrated apps.

For example, highlight your favorite quotes when in Reader.

4 Pen nib This is replaceable, if it cracks or wears out.

What should I do if the pen nib gets damaged?

If the nib or tip of your tablet pen cracks or wears out, you must replace the pen nib to avoid scratching the touch screen. Contact your service provider or retail store on how to purchase and replace the pen nib.

Inserting a battery into the tablet pen

Before you start using the tablet pen, you need to first install the disposable AAAA battery that's included in the box. After a period of time, change the tablet pen's battery when you feel that HTC Flyer is not responding too well to your pen strokes.
  1. Twist the battery cap counter-clockwise until it detaches from the tablet pen, then remove it completely.
  2. With the positive pole first, insert a new battery into the tablet pen.
  3. Put the battery cap back into the tablet pen, and then twist it clockwise until it locks in place.

What your tablet pen can do

Use the tablet pen to tap the button on HTC Flyer and open the Pen options palette. This lets you choose from a variety of pen types, strokes, and colors. Here are some of the pens and strokes you can use:
1 Pencil
2 Ballpoint pen
3 Paintbrush
4 Calligraphy pen
5 Marker
6 Highlighter
7 Eraser
How you typically use your regular pen on a piece of paper is also the way you can use the tablet pen on HTC Flyer. In other words, your tablet pen is for:
  • Writing and drawing.
  • Highlighting text.

    When you're reading something interesting in pen-integrated apps, use the tablet pen as a highlighter and mark your favorite words and phrases.

  • Erasing.

    Make quick edits to your notes or sketches.

Note: You still need to use your finger to slide to another screen, scroll through a web page, or select onscreen items in the Home screen and other apps.
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