Keeping track of your tasks

Keeping track of your tasks

Use the Tasks app to organize and track to do and task lists. Create tasks on your phone or sync them with your Google and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts. You can also see your tasks in Calendar.
To open the Tasks app, tap > Tasks.
To switch between your task accounts, tap and then tap another account.

Creating a task

  1. In the Tasks app, enter the task name in the New task text box.
    Tip: If you want to create a task and enter the details later, tap after you've entered the task name.
  2. Tap and then enter the task details.
  3. Tap Save.

Managing tasks

  1. Go to the list that contains the task.
  2. In the list of tasks, you can:
    Mark a task complete

    Tap the check button next to the task. To view completed tasks, tap > View completed.

    Sort tasks
    1. Tap > Sort.
    2. Select how you want to sort the tasks.
    Edit a task
    1. Tap the task that you want to edit, and then tap Edit.
    2. Edit the task details, and then tap Save.
    Delete a task

    Press and hold the task that you want to delete, and then tap Delete.

    Postpone a task
    1. Press and hold an overdue task, and then tap Postpone.
    2. Choose how long you want to postpone the task.
    Move a task to another list

    You can only move the task to another list that is under the same account.

    1. Press and hold the task that you want to move, and then tap Move to.
    2. Tap the task list where you want the task to appear.

Managing task lists

  1. In the Tasks app, tap > Manage lists.
  2. From here, you can:
    Show tasks To show all tasks under a list, tap a task list.
    Create a list Tap , and then choose an account for the list.

    Lists can't be created for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts.

    Rename a list
    1. Tap at the right of a list, and then tap Rename.
    2. Enter a new name for the list, and then tap OK.
    Delete a list
    1. Tap at the right of a list, and then tap Delete.
    2. Tap OK.
    Note: You cannot delete a main list.
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