Creating a new slideshow with Movie Editor

Creating a new slideshow with Movie Editor

Want a novel way to share your photos and videos? Movie Editor lets you make short theme-based slideshow movies complete with transitions and background music.
  1. From the Home screen, tap > Movie Editor.
  2. Tap , and then enter a title for your slideshow.
  3. Tap Select a theme. Themes include slide transitions, the default theme music, and motion background.
  4. Tap the theme you want, and then tap Done.
  5. Tap , select the photos and videos from Gallery, and then tap Next.
  6. Edit your slideshow:
    Insert items between existing photos and videos Tap an existing photo or video, and then tap Insert. Select the items to add, and then tap Next. New items are inserted before the item you tapped.
    Trim a video Tap an existing video, and then tap Trim. Drag the two trim sliders to the part where you want the video to begin and end, and then tap Done.
    Reorder photos and videos Press and hold a photo or video and drag it to a new position.
    Remove photos and videos Tap the photo or video you want to remove, and then tap Remove.
    Change the theme Tap the theme name to choose another theme.
    Preview the slideshow Tap to start viewing your slideshow.
    Change the soundtrack Tap > > Choose music track, then and pick a song stored on your phone.

    If you have videos in your slideshow, you can balance the volume levels of the audio in the videos with the soundtrack. Simply drag the volume slider to the level you want.

    Note: Movie Editor automatically saves your movies so you don't have to worry about losing any changes you make.
  7. Tap Save, and then choose a resolution.

You can share the slideshow from Gallery. Browse for the slideshow, and then tap Share.

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