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    How do I use the phone's storage card as a USB Drive?

    Connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable. When prompted, choose Disk drive mode from the on-screen prompt.

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    Why does it take so long to charge my device using the USB?

    The USB cable acts as a trickle charger, so it will take longer than if you were using an AC charger. While the USB will work, it is recommended to use the AC charger, especially if the battery level reaches 10% or below.

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    Where do I put the microSD card?

    Remove the back cover of the device. Place the microSD card inside the slot on the side.

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    Why does the phone heat up when I'm charging the battery or when I'm making...

    ...long duration calls?

    It is normal for the device to heat up during charging. After charging, it will return to its normal temperature. It is normal for the device to heat up when you are using the same function for a long time, such as making long-duration calls or recording a long video clip. Please rest assured that all HTC devices are factory tested before released.

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    How do I optimize the battery power?

    Battery performance depends on many factors, including network configuration, signal strength, the temperature of the environment in which you operate your phone, the features and/or settings you select and use, items attached to connecting ports, and your voice, data, and other program usage patterns. To increase battery performance you can turn off Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile network, Wi-Fi, notifications, and other options that you may not frequently use. You can also decrease the screen brightness or the screen timeout time.

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    What type and size microSD storage cards can I use?

    Currently, the microSD card supports 2.0 SDHC compatibility.

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    What can I use to charge my phone?

    Only the AC adapter and USB sync cable provided with your phone should be used to charge the phone.

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    How long should it take to charge my battery?

    Your battery can take up to 3 hours to fully charge using the AC charger. It will take much longer using the USB as that is the trickle charge function.

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    Why won't my device power on?

    Your battery may be drained or is not seated correctly. Try removing and reinserting the battery. If unsuccessful, try charging the device using the AC charger. You will see an amber light while charging. Once charged, the light changes to green.

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    What are the options for external memory for my device?

    The device supports up to 32GB microSD memory cards.

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    When I first receive my phone do I need to charge the battery?

    Your phone ships with a partially charged battery so it's suggested you charge your battery fully before first use. The battery is fully charged when the notification LED turns green. It is recommended to charge the battery for 8 hours the first time to ensure that the battery has had time to recharge.

    Note: It is recommended that you only use the charger and cable provided in the box your phone was shipped in.

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    I can't see pictures stored on my microSD card using Photos?

    To see pictures stored on your microSD card using Photos ensure your device is not mounted as a USB storage device. Open the Notifications Panel (by touching and then dragging the status bar down) on your device, then in the Notifications Panel, and ensure the connection type is set to Charge only.

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    Can I install applications to my microSD card?

    Currently, programs can only be installed on the device's internal storage.

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    What should I do if the device's standby time seems to be decreasing?

    Standby time may differ, depending on how you use your device. Turning on and using wireless functions such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi may use up the battery faster. Long-duration calls, camera usage, Internet connection, and more will use up the battery faster.

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    Why doesn't my battery talk time and standby time last as long as the estimates?

    Battery performance depends on many factors, including but not limited to your wireless service provider's network configuration, signal strength, and the temperature of the environment.

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