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    Where can I find the latest downloads and software updates for my phone?

    You can find the latest manuals, software, announcements, updates, and other content for your phone in the Support section of our website.

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    Can I install applications to my microSD card?

    Currently, applications can only be installed on the device's internal storage.

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    Where can I get Android applications?

    Tap All Programs > Market, and then browse through the list of programs available.

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    What is the difference between HTC and Android widgets?

    Add Android widgets to the Home screen such as a clock, music player, a picture frame, the Google search bar, or a calendar that shows upcoming appointments. Add HTC widgets to the Home screen such as a clock, calendar, mail, people, Footprints, and more. To populate your Home screen with widgets from a Scene, press Home > Menu > Add to Home.

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    How do I view Portable Document Format (PDF) files?

    After launching PDF Viewer, on the Open file screen, tap the file you want to view. Slide your finger on the screen to pan or go through the pages of the PDF file. While viewing a PDF file, press Menu to let you open another PDF file, zoom in, search the file, and more.

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    How do I stop applications from running in the background?

    You may browse the Market to find Task Management applications that will allow you to see which applications are running as well as give you the ability to stop them.

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    How do I view images and videos I've captured using the Camera program?

    Photos lets you view photos and play back videos. You can also view your photos or your friends' photos on Facebook or Flickr. For photos, you can also do basic editing tasks, set them as your wallpaper or contact picture, and share to your friends. To open Photos, go to All Programs > Photos.

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    How do I remove programs?

    You can uninstall any application that you have downloaded and installed from Android Market. On the My downloads screen, tap the application you want to uninstall, and then tap Uninstall. When prompted, tap OK to remove the application on your phone.

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    Can I install non Android Market™ applications?

    To allow the installation of non-Android Market applications, from the Home screen press Menu > Settings > Applications and enable Unknown sources.

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    How do I manage music?

    Since Music only plays audio files saved on the storage card of your phone, you must copy your audio files to the storage card before you open Music. Connect the Phone to your computer via USB and set it in Disk Drive mode. Copy music from your computer to the Phone into a folder called "Music" (if it doesn't exist, create it).

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    How do I zoom in and zoom out in Photos?

    Simply make a pinching motion on the screen to zoom in or out.

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    What games are available for my device?

    To find the latest games for your device, tap All Programs > Market. The Market has a large selection of games available for download.

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    How can I tell how much free memory I have left on my device?

    From the Home screen tap Menu > Settings > SD & phone storage and look for Internal phone storage.

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    How do I use HTC Footprints?

    A footprint consists of a photo you take of a location such as a restaurant, a sightseeing destination, etc., stored together with a precise GPS position and other information about that location, such as the street address and phone number. After launching Footprints, point the camera at the scene you want to save. Press the Trackball to capture the photo.

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    How do I take pictures and shoot videos using my phone?

    In All Programs, tap Camera if you want to capture photos or Camcorder if you want to shoot videos.

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  • 16:
    How do I switch between running programs?

    Press and hold the Home button to show the current running programs.

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    How do I watch YouTube™?

    Tap All Programs, and then tap YouTube. The YouTube screen appears with the videos grouped into categories, such as Most discussed, Most viewed, and more.

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  • 18:
    How do you link a contact to Facebook®?

    In the People application, select any contact. Tap Link > Facebook and choose the desired Facebook contact.

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    How do I log in and out of Facebook and Flickr?

    From the Home screen tap Menu > Settings > Accounts & sync. To add an account, tap on Add account. To remove an existing account, tap on the account then tap Remove account.

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  • 20:
    Where can I find more information about Android, Market and Google applications for Android?

    For more information about Android and Google applications, please visit http://www.google.com/support/mobile/bin/topic.py?hl=en&topic=13588.

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    How do I add programs?

    Android Market provides direct access to useful applications and fun games which you can download and install on your phone. Open the Market to access the menu to find and download new applications.

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  • 22:
    How do I view and edit Microsoft Office® documents?

    Quickoffice lets you view Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel®, and Microsoft PowerPoint® files on your phone. Quickoffice supports viewing of Microsoft Office 2003/2007 Word (.doc/.docx), Excel (.xls/.xlsx), PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx), and text (.txt) files.

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  • 23:
    How do I use Twitter™?

    Peep™ is a Twitter client that lets you enjoy "Tweeting" on your phone. Send out tweets, read and receive tweets from people, search for new Twitter users to follow, all from your phone.

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  • 24:
    How do I create a music playlist shortcut on my Home screen?

    Press Menu > Add to home > Shortcut > Music playlist and select the playlist you would like to add to the Home screen.

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  • 25:
    How do I use Friend Stream?

    You can use Friend Stream to interact with friends across multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr® You are brought into a single easy-to-follow stream of updates, photo posts, and shared links. Friend Stream also lets you shout out your thoughts or feelings to all your online friends with a single comment that gets broadcast to both Facebook and Twitter.

    To use Friend Stream, on the Home screen tap All Programs > Friend Stream. You will have four options to view updates: All updates, Status updates, Photos, and Links. At the top of the screen, you can enter in your status update, and it will update all the social networking sites you use on your phone. Pressing Menu will bring up four options: Refresh, Share, Friends, and Settings.

    Refresh will update all your contacts updates, Friends allows you to view all your friends, Share brings you to a screen to update your status, and Settings lets you customize which update stream you want to view.

    You also have the option of placing Friend Stream on one of your Home screens as a widget (two options are available, half screen and full screen). This will allow you to update your status and, if you choose to add the full screen widget, you can view your friends' status updates without having to launch any additional programs. To add this to your Home screen, first slide to any Home screen with enough space (either half screen or full screen) and tap the + (Add to home) button on the bottom right of the screen. Select Widget > Friend Stream, and then choose a widget style. If you do not have enough room on your screen, you will be asked to choose another screen to display the widget. Otherwise, the widget will be placed in the available space and you can view your friends status updates.

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  • 26:
    Where can I purchase games and programs for my phone?

    Android Market provides direct access to useful applications and fun games which you can download and install on your phone. Applications can be either purchased or downloaded for free.

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  • 27:
    How do I move backwards and forwards within a song?

    Within playback mode, touch and hold the reverse or forward icons, or touch anywhere along the track to play from that location.

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