Sending information using Bluetooth

Sending information using Bluetooth

Important: Before you begin, set the receiving device to discoverable mode. You may also need to set it to ​“‍Receive Beams” or ​“‍Receive Files”. Refer to the device’s documentation for instructions on receiving information over Bluetooth.
  1. On Droid Incredible 4G LTE by HTC, open the app that contains the information or file you want to send.
  2. Follow the steps for the type of item you want to send:
    1. In the People app, tap a contact to view the contact's details.
    2. Tap and then tap Send contact.
    3. Tap the down arrow icon, and then select Bluetooth.
    Calendar appointment or event In Day view, Agenda view, or Week view, press and hold the event, and then tap Forward > Bluetooth.
    Photos or videos
    1. In the Gallery app, choose an album.
    2. Tap Share > Bluetooth.
    Captured photo or video After capturing, on the Camera preview screen, tap > Bluetooth. (Note that you must have first set a review duration in Camera settings.)
    Music track With the track displayed on the Music app’s Now playing screen, tap > Share > Share file > Bluetooth.
    • On a webpage you want to share, tap > Share page > Bluetooth.
    • While viewing a webpage in Reading mode, tap > Bluetooth.
  3. Turn Bluetooth on and pair with the receiving device, if you’re asked to do so.
  4. On the receiving device, accept the file.

Where sent information is saved

When you send information using Bluetooth, the location where it's saved depends on the type of information and the receiving device.

If you send a calendar event or contact, it is normally added directly to the corresponding application on the receiving device.

If you send another file type to a Windows computer, it is normally saved in the Bluetooth Exchange folder within your personal document folders.

  • On Windows XP, the path may be: C:\Documents and Settings\[your username]\My Documents\Bluetooth Exchange
  • On Windows Vista, the path may be: C:\Users\[your username]\Documents
  • On Windows 7, the path may be: C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\Bluetooth Exchange Folder

If you send a file to another device, the saved location may depend on the file type. For example, if you send an image file to another mobile phone, it may be saved in a folder named ​“‍Images”.

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