• 1:
    Storage Card

    How do I move my pictures on the phone storage to the SD card?

    If you have photos that were saved on your phone storage and you recently inserted an SD card into your device, here is a way to quickly move them from one location to another:

    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap Storage
    4. Tap Make more space under the Phone storage heading
    5. Your device will scan files on your phone storage. This process may take a while, depending on how many files you have. Once the process is completed, tap Gallery.
    6. Tap All images/videos
    7. Tap Move to SD
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  • 2:

    How can I easily toggle speakerphone?

    To easily toggle speakerphone, while on a call, flip your phone over and place it screen down on a flat surface (like a table). Your device will then enter speakerphone mode. To take it out speakerphone, simply lift it back up to your ear.

    If the above option does not work, ensure that flip for speaker option is enabled. To check,

    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap Sound
    4. Ensure that Flip for speaker is checked.

    How can I quickly silence an incoming call

    When a call comes in that you want to quickly silence, there are 2 options:

    1. Press the volume up or volume down button
    2. Flip the phone over onto its screen
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  • 3:
    Power and Battery

    What is Fast boot?

    When Fast boot is enabled, your device goes into sleep mode and power consumption is minimized, when you choose Power off from the Phone options that pops up when you press and hold the Power button. This helps the device startup quicker when you press the Power button to turn it back on.

    To toggle Fast boot,

    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap Power
    4. Check the circle for Fast boot to enable. Uncheck the circle to disable.

    Fast boot is great for when you have to turn off your device (such as when you go into a meeting or are watching a play) but want your device to be ready as quickly as possible when you want to use it.

    Note: Your device will still consume some power when you power down with Fast boot enabled although this is minimized.

    How can I check what is using up my battery?

    To see what apps and services have been your battery:

    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Power
    3. Tap Battery use
    4. This screen will show you the battery discharge graph, how long it has been off the charger and the apps that have been consuming the battery. Tapping on the graph will show you which radios were active while tapping on an app will provide you more information.

    What can I do to get more out of my battery?

    There are many things that you can do to get a longer running time out of your battery.

    Sign out or quit applications you are not using
    There are apps that automatically sign you in and run in the background at device startup and these can drain your battery quicker than usual. Sign out of these apps when you are not using or disable auto sign in if possible. For example, Google Talk automatically signs you in; if you are not using it, be sure to sign out by going to Talk and tapping Menu > Sign out.

    Other apps run in the background until you explicitly quit them. If your app has a quit option, use that instead of tapping the Home button to exit it.

    Do not use a Task Killer
    The Android OS manages your memory so there is no need for you to use a task killer to close out each and every application. Some task killers may show an application as active and running when it is not and others may even kill applications that prevent normal function of your device (such as the Alarm function or email).

    Control widget usage
    While widgets can be useful to bring your information front and center on your home screen, having too many of them that are frequently updating (through the internet) can drain your battery quickly.

    • Consider having an app shortcut instead of a widget.
    • Consider using widgets for information that do not update frequently through the internet.
    • Add widgets that control your device’s radio (e.g. WiFi and Bluetooth) to quickly turn them on and off instead of having to go through the settings options.

    Use WiFi instead of Mobile data (3G/4G)
    If you are going to be at a location that you have access to WiFi, consider connecting to the internet via WiFi instead of mobile data (3G/4G). Not only will this help with your battery life but it would also help with reducing mobile data usage in your plan.

    Turn off radios that are not in use
    While leaving on your WiFi and Bluetooth can be convenient, it can also drain your battery. Turn off these radios when you are not planning to use them anytime soon (e.g. when you are out camping and don’t have a WiFi connection nearby).

    Configure Auto Sync
    Auto sync allows your device to check your accounts in the background and provide you with new information but this can also cause your battery to drain quicker. You can easily tweak this setting in Settings > Accounts & sync. Consider increasing the time between syncs for accounts that you don’t need instant information on (e.g. sync Weather information every 12 hours instead of 1 hour).

    Alternatively, consider turning off auto sync completely. You can still manually sync the account in the application when you use/open it. To turn off auto sync for an account, go to Settings > Accounts & sync > tap on the account > uncheck all circles in that account. If you want to turn off auto sync for all accounts, go to Settings > Accounts & sync > tap on the slide to the right of Auto-sync so that it says Off.

    Configure your display settings
    Your device’s screen is one of the biggest battery consumer and tweaking the options in this setting (Settings > Display & gestures) can improve battery standby time. Here are some options you can consider setting:

    • Stay awake: Unchecking this option will allow your device to turn off the screen after a preset time and thus allows your device to charge the battery quicker.
    • Brightness: Check to use Automatic brightness instead of using manually setting the level.
    • Sleep: The smaller the time option selected, the quicker the device turns off the screen after the last tap or touch on the screen, which would lead to longer standby time.

    Monitor what has been using your battery
    Your device keeps track of what has been using the battery and you can access this in Settings > Power > Battery use. Screen and Cell standby are usually in the top 3 apps for battery use so if you see other apps, especially if is something that you installed but are not using very often or recently, considering uninstalling that app and looking for an alternative.

    Do not let the battery run out. Charge when you can
    Battery technology has improved over the years and the Li-ion battery in your device can be charged anytime, without having to wait for the battery to completely drain before doing so. In fact, discharging your device completely on a frequent basis can actually damage your battery.

    Keep your device cool
    Heat can cause your battery to die out quicker than usual. Try to keep your device out of sun during the summer months. Even indoors, you should try and keep it from heat sources (e.g. exhaust vent on a laptop).


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  • 4:
    General and Other

    How can I use NFC and Android Beam?

    Before using NFC and Android Beam, you need to have them both enabled.

    To enable NFC

    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap More
    4. Ensure that the circle to the right of NFC is checked

    To enable Android Beam

    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap More
    4. Tap Android Beam
    5. Ensure that the slide to the right of Android Beam is On

    To use NFC or Android Beam, your device needs to be in contact with the other device that supports it. Tap both devices together to begin the process and follow the instructions on screen (while keeping both devices in contact).

    How can I view another time zone in Calendar?
    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Calendar
    3. Tap Menu
    4. Tap Dual time zone
    5. Tap Choose location
    6. Enter the city’s name for the second time zone that you want
    7. Tap on the city name that you want as it appears in the search result
    8. The second time zone will be displayed on the right side of the calendar in Day view

    I had skipped the initial setup process. How can I go back to it?
    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Setup

    This will go through the initial setup process when the device was powered on for the first time or after a factory reset.

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  • 5:
    How can I edit a photo that I have taken?

    You can easily crop, edit (add effects or enhance) and rotate photos that you have taken on your device.

    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Gallery
    3. Tap Camera shots
    4. Tap on the photo you want to edit
    5. Tap on the photo to bring up options
    6. Tap Edit
    7. Tap on the option that you want to use
      1. Crop: creates a cropped copy of the original photo
      2. Effects: add effects such as Glimmer, Warm or simply Auto enhance. You can also tap Edit to configure Exposure, Saturation and White Balance or apply other filers and even add a frame. Effects are applied to a copy of the photo so the original still remains.
      3. Rotate right: rotates the original photo 90 degrees clockwise
      4. Rotate left: rotates the original photo 90 degrees anti-clockwise

    How can I trim a video I have taken?

    You can easily trim a video into a shorter length which is more suitable for uploads and online consumption.

    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Gallery
    3. Tap All videos
    4. Tap on the video you want to trim
    5. While the video is playing, tap More. If you do not see the option, tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the option.
    6. Tap Trim
    7. Drag the 2 circles on the slider to mark the beginning and end of the shorter video. You can tap the Play icon to review your selection.
    8. When you are done, tap Done to save the shorter video.

    Note: This process keeps the original video so you will have 2 videos when it is complete – the original video and the new, shorter video.

    When should I use the different Scenes in Camera?

    Scenes provide an easy way to override your camera’s normal settings to suit your current lighting and environment. To access and choose a scene,

    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Camera
    3. Tap Scenes (denoted by the A icon). From here you can choose:
      1. Auto – Camera determines optimal settings
      2. HDR – For shooting portraits against a bright background
      3. Panorama – Captures several photos and stitches them into a wide (or tall) photo
      4. Portrait – Smoothens the skin
      5. Group portrait – Captures multiple shots and combines them into one photo for the most smiles with the fewest blinks
      6. Landscape – Great for sceneries (or choose Panorama if you want to capture a vast scenery)
      7. Whiteboard – For shooting a subject with a predominantly white background
      8. Close up – For shooting a subject up close (macro shots)
      9. Low light – For shooting in a dim light without flash
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  • 6:
    Connectivity and Internet
    How do I use Reading List in Internet?

    Reading list allows you to save webpages to read later, even without an internet connection.

    To save a webpage for later reading

    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Internet
    3. Go to the page that you want to save
    4. Tap Menu
    5. Tap Add to
    6. Tap Reading list

    To access your reading list

    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Internet
    3. Go to the page that you want to save
    4. Tap Menu
    5. Tap Bookmarks
    6. Tap the Saved tab
    7. Tap on the page you want to load

    Note 1: Only the current webpage that you saved will be stored on the device. If you want to open a linked page, you will need to be connected to the internet.

    Note 2: Some video clips that are embedded in the web page will be saved. Others would require an internet connection. This depends on the website.

    What is an incognito tab and how I do I use it?

    Using an incognito tab while browsing allows you to browse with more privacy. Browser cookies are not shared and deleted when you close all incognito tabs. Pages you view in incognito also won't appear in your browser history except for files you download.

    To browse in private using an incognito tab,

    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Internet
    3. Tap Menu
    4. Tap Tabs
    5. Tap New incognito tab
    6. You are now browsing in private

    How can I save a bookmark to the home screen?
    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Internet
    3. Navigate to the page that you want to save as a bookmark
    4. Tap Menu
    5. Tap Add to
    6. Tap Home screen
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  • 7:

    Why do I see lines on my screen?

    If you are seeing lines and numbers on your screen, chances are, you have an activated an option in Developer options. To remove those lines:

    1. Tap All apps
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap Developer options
    4. Ensure that no option under User interface is checked. This includes:
      1. Strict mode enabled
      2. Pointer location
      3. Show touches
      4. Show screen updates
      5. Show CPU usage
      6. Force GPU rendering

    Note: If after unchecking all the options above and you still see lines on your screen, please contact Customer Care.

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