Sharing Video Highlights through HTC Share

Sharing Video Highlights through HTC Share

Share Video Highlights via a web link. Email the link, post it on your social network, or choose from other sharing options.
  • You must have an HTC Account to share via HTC Share.
  • Do not reproduce, distribute, or otherwise use copyrighted materials in connection with the Video Highlights feature unless you have secured the copyright owner’s permission first.
  1. On the Gallery app's main screen, swipe to the Albums or Events tab.
  2. Tap a tile to open an album or event.
  3. Swipe to the Video Highlights tab.

    The Video Highlights content (photos and videos) is pre-selected. You can change the content, theme, or sound track.

  4. Tap .
  5. Change the title if you want, and add a caption.
  6. Before you start uploading, check your HTC Share settings. See Changing HTC Share settings.
  7. Under Share to, choose how you want to share, and then tap Done.

    If prompted, choose whether to make your collection private or public.

    Or, tap > Add to HTC Share feed before tapping Done. Selecting Add to HTC Share feed makes your collection publicly visible to anyone who has access to your other HTC Share collections on the web.

  8. Check the Notifications panel to see if the upload has finished or to complete sharing the web link.

Your recipients do not need an HTC Account to access your shared link. They can:

  • Click or tap the link to view the Video Highlights on a computer or phone web browser.
  • View each photo in the collection after viewing the Video Highlights.
  • Like or comment on your collection (viewers need to sign in using their social network account).

Managing collections in HTC Share

Want to share your collection to more friends or delete those you have already uploaded to HTC Share?
  1. On the Gallery app's main screen, swipe to the My HTC Shares tab.

    At the top, you can see how much storage is available for your account.

  2. Choose a collection.
  3. To view a collection on a web browser, tap .
  4. To comment, tap the text box and enter your comment. Swipe left to view who liked your collection.
  5. To share a collection to more recipients, tap , and then select how you want to share your collection.
  6. To delete a collection, tap > Delete.
    Note: To delete multiple collections, on the My HTC Shares tab, tap > Delete, and then choose the collection you want to delete. Tap Delete.

Changing HTC Share settings

Before you start uploading your collections, you can make changes to HTC Share settings. Choose to upload through Wi‍-Fi only, make all your collections publicly visible when uploaded to your HTC Share feed, and more.
  1. In the Video Highlights tab, tap .
  2. On the screen that shows the available sharing options, tap > Settings.
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