Taking notes

Taking notes

Use Notes to jot down ideas, questions, and everything else. Type in text, record audio, attach photos and documents, and even link your notes to a meeting event in Calendar.

The first time you open the Notes app, you can take a quick tour and set up your Evernote® account. If you choose to skip this, you can log in to Evernote® later in the Accounts & sync settings.

Note: Evernote is a third-party app and is not provided by or associated with HTC Corporation.

Creating a notebook

  1. Open the Notes app.
  2. On the Notes main screen, tap to open a selection menu, and then tap New notebook.
  3. Type in a notebook title.
  4. TapLocal notebook to save the notebook on Droid DNA by HTC or tap Synchronized notebook to sync your notes with your Evernote® account.
  5. Tap Create.
To open or switch to another notebook, simply tap again, and then tap a notebook name.

Composing a note

  1. With a notebook opened, tap .
  2. Type in a note title.
  3. Compose your note:
    • Tap on the note, and then start typing in your text.
    • Tap to start audio recording. Tap to stop recording.
    • Tap > Attach and choose a file type.
    • Tap to create a drawing and insert it in your note.
    • Tap to take a photo and insert it in your note.
    • To link a note to an event, tap > Calendar.
    Tip: To resize the photo, image, or drawing that you've attached to your note, press and hold the item, and then tap Resize.
  4. Tap > Save.

Creating a drawing

You can create a drawing, scribble, or illustration and include it in your note.
  1. With a note opened, tap .
  2. Tap and choose a pen stroke, color, and thickness.
  3. Draw on the blank area using your fingertip.
  4. Tap or to undo or redo the last action.
  5. To insert the drawing in your note, tap Done.

Copying and pasting an image

In apps such as Internet, you can select and copy an image and paste it in the Notes app.
  1. While browsing a webpage, press and hold an image.
  2. From the menu, tap Copy image. The selected image is then copied to the clipboard.
  3. While composing or editing a note, press and hold where you want to paste the image.
  4. Tap Paste.

Playing an audio recording in Notes

After recording a meeting, you can listen to the audio clip to review key points. If you took notes while audio recording, 'timemarks' (small colored nodes in the audio bar) are added to pin your notes within the audio recording's time frame.
  1. Open a note where you have recorded a voice clip.
  2. Tap to play the audio recording.
  3. Tap or to go to the next or previous timemark. When you're moving from one timemark to another, you'll see a note thumbnail for a quick preview of what you noted down while recording.
Tip: You can also tap a particular item on your note to jump to its timemark and hear the audio you've recorded at that time.

Syncing notes

You can choose whether to automatically or manually sync your notes between Droid DNA by HTC and your Evernote account on the Web.
Note: You need to log in to your Evernote account from Droid DNA by HTC to start syncing notes.
  1. Open the Notes app.
  2. To manually sync notes, tap on the All notes screen, and then tap Sync.
  3. To set Notes to automatically update, tap on the All notes screen, and then tap Settings > Accounts & sync.
  4. Tap your Evernote account, and then customize your sync settings.
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