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    Why does my phone get warm?
    Your phone may get warm while you're using it for a long time in phone calls, web browsing, navigation or charging etc. This is normal for modern electronics. If performing many of these tasks simultaneously you may notice the temperature rise at a quicker rate. If the operating temperature of your phone makes you feel uncomfortable, please turn it off and wait for it to cool down. Your phone should never be hot enough that you can not safely handle it.
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    The HTC Sense 5 interface is radically different. Are you moving away from Android?
    HTC always takes the best of Android and fills in the gap of experience where we can do a better job. For instance, our Gallery experience is superior to the default Android experience because our Gallery aggregates all your friends’ photos from Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa so you’re instantly up to speed with the photos your friends are sharing. In addition, Video Highlights create professional grade videos with no effort. When in Gallery’s events view, Video Highlights automatically analyzes the content of the event to create a stunning video. Furthermore, HTC Share is an effortless way to share a series of photos with your friends. When this is selected in the Gallery, it automatically creates a collage of photos along with a highlight video that is available on a private website hosted by HTC. Your friends and family will be able to access the visually stunning video and collage across platforms, whether they’re on a phone, a tablet, or a personal computer.

    Beyond the Gallery, we have also enhanced the experience on the Home screen, Phone dialer, Music app, and more.
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    Can I connect other devices like keyboard or mouse to my phone without using Bluetooth?
    Yes. Your HTC Phone supports the OTG (On the go) functionality. All you need is a simple OTG cable and you will be able to plug in your keyboard, mouse or other OTG devices for use on your HTC phone.
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    Does the HTC device display work with gloves?
    The HTC device display won’t work with standard gloves. Gloves with the special pads for touch screen use will work.
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    Why do I not have access to all of my storage space?
    Some of the space is required for the device software, To check the current storage allocations, go to Settings > Storage. The unusable space is in the Other category.
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    Where do I find a list of my HTC device?
    Information about HTC Enterprise solutions are available at http://www.htcpro.com.
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    I live in a hot/warm climate, will this affect my battery?
    A hot environment can cause the phone to reach unsafe operating temperatures quicker. Please make sure you do not use your phone in direct sunlight. If your phone gets hot and uncomfortable to the touch, turn off your phone and wait until it cools down before you use it again. Do not charge device while it is in direct sunlight.
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    Is there a way to quickly access setting options on my phone?
    To access your settings from the home screen or any application, drag down the notification bar and then tap the icon on the upper-right of the screen. For instant access to the quick settings panel, swipe down the notification bar using two fingers simultanously.
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    Where can I get help with my HTC Account?
    For assistance with your HTC Account, please visit https://www.htcsense.com/en_US/help/faq_config.
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