• 1:
    Is there a faster way to switch between the front camera and the main camera?
    To easily switch between the front camera and the main camera simply swipe from right to the left on your camera screen while in portrait mode, or from the top to the bottom in landscape mode.
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  • 2:
    What is HDR? When is it best to use HDR?
    HDR, short for High Dynamic Range, can bring out the details of both the highlights and shadows in your shots. Use HDR when capturing your subject in high contrast lighting, or when shooting in lowlight conditions.
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  • 3:
    Why doesn’t my HTC device have a physical camera button? Isn’t it faster to take a shot?
    HTC provides options that allow for faster photo capture than a physical camera button. Sightseeing mode, combined with Touch to Capture mode, allows you to use your entire screen is as a shutter button enabling you to take shots from difficult angles. For example, taking a self portrait with a physical shutter button would move the device around resulting in blurred images. With Touch to Capture and Countdown timer, you can easily take great self portraits.

    Note: Touch to Capture may be turned on or off in the Camera settings.
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  • 4:
    What is sightseeing mode?
    Sightseeing mode allows you to bypass the lock screen, making it faster to take a picture. To put your HTC device in sightseeing mode, simply start the camera. When the screen goes off and you press the power button again, the camera immediately activates and is ready to take a shot instantly. Opening Gallery and viewing of pictures that have been taken would still require you to unlock the screen.
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  • 5:
    Why do some applications seem to be missing from All apps?
    There are multiple reasons that application icons may be missing: - Applications whose icons are on the lauch bar do not appear in All apps. - Applications may have been hidden while cusomizing All apps. To check for hidden icons from All apps, perform a pull down gesture to display additional options > tap the menu button (3 vertical dots) > tap Hide apps. Apps that are selected will be hidden when viewing All apps. - Applications may have been disabled. To check for disabled apps, go to Settings > Apps > swipe left twice to display the ALL screen. Disabled apps will be listed at the bottom and labeled as "disabled".
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  • 6:
    How do I lock the focus setting in the Camera app?
    Tap the area you wish to focus your picture, and then press and hold the screen until you see the AE and AF locked notification. To unlock the focus, tap anywhere on the screen.
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  • 7:
    How do I take a photo with HDR for the best result?
    Set the camera scene to HDR, then just tap the onscreen shutter button. The camera of your HTC phone will take three shots at different exposure levels and combine them into one enhanced photo. It’s best that your subject stay still and your hand is steady when you’re taking photos with HDR.
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  • 8:
    What options do I have to customize my applications list?
    In Custom view, apps automatically rearrange when you move their icons around, saving screen space. You can also group similar apps into convenient folders by dragging an app over another to create a new folder. You can also choose to view the All apps screen in either a 3 x 4 or 4 x 5 grid size.
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  • 9:
    Is there support for lossless music? Which lossless formats are supported?
    Yes, FLAC and Vorbis are supported.
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  • 10:
    Can I create my own highlight video or customize it with transitions, music, and scene duration?
    Video Highlights create professional grade videos with no effort. When in Gallery’s Events view, Video Highlights automatically analyzes the content of the event to create a stunning video. You can then easily export the video as an MP4, upload it to YouTube, or further customize the highlight with themes, or tap shuffle to have your HTC device rearrange the content in the Highlight video. You no longer need to find a designer or computer expert to create stunning videos when you can do this with a few taps on your phone.
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  • 11:
    How many apps can go into a folder?
    Folders can contain between 2 to 16 apps. Apps moved to folders or onto the launch bar are automatically removed from the All apps screen.
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  • 12:
    Why is there an empty space in my Launch bar?
    If an application has been moved off the Launch bar and back into All apps, a vacant space will be left on the Launch bar until a new app is placed there.
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  • 13:
    Can I choose which photos to include in Video Highlights by using the “Select content“ feature?
    Yes. Please take note, though, the current Gallery will automatically pick other photos from the same event and combine them with your selected photos. Through future software updates, HTC plans to update the Gallery to only include user-selected photos in the Video Highlights.
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