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    Can I add a feed on HTC BlinkFeed that is not part of your partner network?
    Currently, adding feeds from specific networks not included on HTC BlinkFeed is not supported. But we do have over 1,300 content partners which are the biggest and most popular names in the media business, such as Associated Press, Reuters, and Engadget. We are adding partners constantly.
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    How is HTC BlinkFeed different from apps like Flipboard or Taptu?
    First, HTC BlinkFeed is not an app. It is your home screen. You can access your apps on the launch bar such as calls, messages without moving away from HTC BlinkFeed. No matter where you are, simply click on the Home button to return to HTC BlinkFeed. Second, HTC BlinkFeed lays out your news and social network content, providing a single, easy-to-read screen of all the content you care about. It makes use of the account settings you entered during the phone setup. Flipboard puts news and social networks into separate silos, which would mean more steps to get from one type of content to another. HTC BlinkFeed is not merely delivering headlines like Flipboard. You can read the entire article without leaving HTC BlinkFeed. Finally, HTC BlinkFeed integrates information from your apps such as calendar schedules, Sense TV program reminders, link to your highlight videos, how-to tips, HTC Share, and Kid Mode. For example, at the beginning of the day, it shows your schedules for the day.
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    How much power does HTC BlinkFeed use?
    Power use is minimal even when HTC BlinkFeed is frequently updating feeds. Browsing through the feeds uses about just the same power as any onscreen operation.
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    Can BlinkFeed support two country or region sources on my HTC device?
    HTC BlinkFeed is designed to provide information from one country or region at a single time. It also includes global content.
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    How do I scroll to the top of the page quickly?
    HTC BlinkFeed is the default home screen. Press the Home button to return to where you last left off. If you’re already on HTC BlinkFeed, pressing the Home button scrolls to the top of the screen.

    If HTC BlinkFeed is not your default home screen, tap the notifications bar to scroll to the top of the feed,
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    Can I remove the weather widget from the top of HTC Blinkfeed?
    The new redesigned weather widget is not removable. It contains a wealth of information which include the current weather, time, date, and location. The widget is also a shortcut to apps. Clicking on the time brings up the Clock app. Clicking on the weather brings up the weather app. The new HTC weather widget is located on the top and will be out of view once you scroll down the screen.
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    Can I add in my YouTube subscriptions to HTC BlinkFeed?
    YouTube subscriptions are not currently supported in HTC BlinkFeed, and are best viewed via the preinstalled YouTube app.
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    Does HTC BlinkFeed work in landscape mode?
    HTC BlinkFeed automatically switches to landscape view only when you connect the phone wirelessly to a TV via the HTC Media Link HD.
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    How is the content chosen for HTC BlinkFeed? Is it always chronological or can I do something to keep certain content consistently at the top? Can I choose the types of content to read?
    Currently, HTC BlinkFeed displays news and social network updates chronologically, with the latest content at the top. Calendar and TV program notifications are presented based on relevance intelligently. You can choose the topics and services that you’re interested in.
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  • 10:
    Can I add an RSS feed to HTC BlinkFeed?
    HTC BlinkFeed is updated and managed in our centralized server. Since an RSS feed requires gathering information across multiple servers, we do not offer this function at this moment. RSS feed is being considered for future versions.
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  • 11:
    How does HTC BlinkFeed determine the size of each tile?
    It depends on the source content. Based on its original image size, our phone will dynamically fit it to the ideal tile size.
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  • 12:
    What is the RAM usage of HTC Blinkfeed? Will it impact the phone’s system performance?
    The RAM usage depends on how many services, apps, and categories are selected. The phone’s system performance has been optimized to provide you with the best experience. With 1GB of built in RAM performance will not be affected by Blinkfeed
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  • 13:
    Can I add new services to HTC BlinkFeed? Like Twitter and Facebook?
    In the current design, you will not be able to add new services to HTC BlinkFeed, Most popular services like Facebook, Twitter, and more have already been integrated to it.
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  • 14:
    In HTC BlinkFeed, how do I prioritize my favorite feed so I can see its content on the first page?
    Just set up HTC BlinkFeed’s Highlights to show your favorite feed. Scroll to the top of the feeds, pull down the screen to see the Highlights option, and then tap Highlights > … to select the feed source.
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    What would HTC BlinkFeed look like when it is offline?
    Cached content will be shown when the phone is not connected to the Internet.
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  • 16:
    After adding a new event in Calendar, how soon will it show on HTC BlinkFeed?
    Calendar events such as your appointments and TV program reminders on HTC BlinkFeed are only updated once a day. If HTC BlinkFeed has already been refreshed on a given day, newly added calendar events may not show up until the next day instead.

    For the most up to date information, use the Notifications panel to check for notifications of upcoming calendar events and TV programs. Just slide your finger from the top of the screen to open the Notifications panel.
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  • 17:
    In HTC BlinkFeed, how do I display content from a specific social media or news source?
    Perform a pull-down gesture over the feed to display the additional options, and then choose the desired source from the drop-down list at the top.
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  • 18:
    Where can I see the full list of content partners for HTC BlinkFeed?
    Some major providers are listed in Topics and services settings while others are grouped under broad categories which may not be visible. You’ll also see the source of the feed at the bottom of each tile on the HTC BlinkFeed.
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  • 19:
    Can I change the refresh schedule in HTC Blinkfeed?
    The phone automatically refreshes every 2 hours on mobile data network or hourly on Wi-Fi. While the phone is charging and connected to Wi-Fi, it refreshes every 15 minutes.

    You can refresh HTC BlinkFeed anytime by pulling down the top of the screen. Pull down to refresh is now part of the many gestures supported on HTC Sense 5, such as the Mail app.
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    In HTC BlinkFeed, can I return to the page where I left off and continue browsing feeds?
    Yes. If you have left BlinkFeed and started to use an app, return to your last page in BlinkFeed by pressing the Home button twice. Pressing the Home button a third time will refresh BlinkFeed and take you back up to the top.

    If you do not use BlinkFeed as your default Home screen, every time you return to BlinkFeed it will display the previously viewed page.
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  • 21:
    What is the typical size of the cached content in HTC BlinkFeed?
    The maximum pages of content that can be downloaded and cached on your phone is around 5MB. Then on the next refresh which is per hour, around 1MB can be cached.
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