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worst ever phone

Worst ever. Spell checking annoying, phone freezes often, battery life- below awerage. Good looking. Many allocations,but slow sometomes.


It was an alright phone

It was pretty nice at first but then after a few months I started noticing some things about the phone. Performance was alright, but as I installed apps, the phone started to slow down. I tried to delete some stuff but that didn't help it at all because of the unnecessary bloat that came from my carrier and I guess HTC. Camera was I think was one of the worst things about the phone. Battery life was pretty poor too. In terms of connectivity it was great. Speaker quality was nice. Call quality was nice. Screen was pretty poor. All in all, this is a decent phone if you are a first time smartphone user but if you came from something else which was more powerful I wouldn't recommend this phone.

Texas, USA

Beautiful looking phone but battery life sucks!

This was my first ever smartphone. I used it from March to Septmeber of this year before I got a Galaxy. First of all, I love the way HTC designs their phones. IMO, HTC has the best looking phones. They just look so appealing to me. But yeah anyways that's not what makes a smartphone good. Looks are great, but it's what's on the inside that counts. I think this is a pretty good phone for a budget price. It doesn't come with much special features and the battery life is terrible. But it does its job and the call quality is good. I think the camera and the sound quality are the best things about this phone. The camera, both front and back ones, are really good quality for a budget phone. The back camera, as always is better than the front one in every phone so yeah. The sound is almost studio-sounding with the Beats Audio built in. The volume is not as high as I usually like but the quality of the audio is one of the best. Now, if you're picky about battery life like I am, I would not recommend this phone. The

Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK


Amazing phone! Picked it up loved the colour and the fact it had a krait processor in a low budget, no lag in gaming and the 4g is just top notch,can't think of a single bad thing to say!


not a keeper for ever

Had the One SV for over a year now and it does show... Battery life is about 4hrs on normal use. Phone shuts down a lot. I have had to remove a lot of my apps just to keep the phone running. phone was great out of the box and performed brilliantly for the first few months but after the update it all started to go wrong and went downhill from there. If you want a cheap phone that will last you a year or so then this is great but any longer and move up the HTC ranks...

Melbourne VIC, Australia

1 year in and it shows...

Loved the phone when I got it, but a year in and I have already had to start looking for another phone. Don't know what happened (maybe a software update?), but the battery has gone from being good to reasonable to shocking. Won't even last a whole day. Also have issues when the phone is on speaker mode - it simply decides to restart itself. Also seen the white screen of death on this recently and hence looking for a new phone. Overall, not a bad phone for a budget user, but if you are one of those users running a million apps, videos and automatic feeds constantly, it doesn't cut the mustard. Will die a slow death.

Queenstown, New Zealand

My best phone ever

I love this phone at first...there are so many fantastic features...love watching the videos with great sound...I personalised it to my liking...found it so easy to use and show off hahaha and then I got a message for an update and I do not like it at all...the fonts are smaller and the green background...no thanks..the text and phone icons have changed...and yes it could be because I don't know how to use it but I can't find the undo button!!!sorry I do not like it and it has ruin my experience with a great phone...

Taft, CA, USA

Current Owner

I love this phone. I have dropped it several times and mine lasted a long time before it broke despite what others say.

Melbourne VIC, Australia

It's great

This is my first smartphone (clunkers before omg) and I am IN LOVE with it. It does everything like a charm and fast as well. Fantastic screen. Battery lasts me at least 2 days. It connected like a dream to the bluetooth in my car. The sound is fabulous. The latest android update is a bit confusing as I preferred the side-swipe, but that is a minor matter. I don't know how I ever did without it. I basically use it for talking, texting, calender, alarm, contacts, facebook, tramtracker (I lerve tramtracker), catching up on news. Sometimes watch videos, but have a dedicated camera for taking them.

Beale AFB, CA, USA

New Software Update and Phone

battery lasts about a day, if you leave it on stand by most of the time, nothing new there. don't drop it ever! Fragile camera is works well. 2 cameras front and back 5 mp(back) and has 2 mics top and bottom. the new "blink-feed" can use a LOT of data, be warned. size is good fits well in hand. Faster than most phone. light weight. this phone is great - i don't like the blink feed, or the latest update. the new layout doesn't look that great. the home buttons at the bottom of the home page look more like doodles from preschoolers and a very boxy layout in general. just plain boring. screen scrolls up and down rather than left and right, and suddenly my apps all self organized them selves in to folders to where i have to search for them. I don't like having to hunt down my apps when i need them. Quite annoying at times. the lock screen with time and weather and pin pad are very old school plain and dry. that can be good for older phones that are slower but this phone is fast and can handle a lot more than thi