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HTC One max Reviews

Rated 4.6 out of 5 by 109 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 HTC ONE MAX I like everything about this phone EXCEPT the battery life is very poor! Hardly even lasts a day without having to recharge. I charge it at night to 100% and when I get up in the morning, it is atg 90%, that is even without using it! Whats up wif dat? June 28, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Phone, connectivity issues. I upgraded from HTC One red to HTC one Max. Well, it is just too huge...but i like it. Over all reviews and analysis, this phone is great and cool for folks who has wider palm/hands for safety purposes or else u will keep on dropping it. Specs are great, it is just perfect, with high level touch of class and innovations. My only issue as of this time is that, my carrier is Sprint, since i got this HTC one max, i notice the i always have very low signal bars and cannot find network mostly either 3G, 4G or LTE. Connectivity issue is very hazzles. Whereas, in my HTC one red, i do not have connectivity issues at all. I tried fixing it with Sprint tech support, but seems they are blind about it. There is seems a big Phone issue or a software issue. Do you folks experience like this situation? Any words are welcome. Thanks a lot. !! June 6, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by the ONE on steroids I'm old enough to remember the second world war. I've always been an early adopter especially of phones. For a long time iphone were miles ahead. HTC were tied to windows and although well built and styled were let down by the OS. Then I found the HTC ONE. the best phone I've ever owned. Best build. Best android skin. A beautiful OS. A pleasure to hold in the hand. Then my phone slipped out of a top pocket on the deck of my yacht and bounced into the Tasman sea. I watched it sink in the wake with dismay. Back in Australia in the phone shop I looked for a replacement and saw the Max. At my age size is important. My eyes can't handle the small print anymore or the detail in the tiny screen images. To stop raving! The HTC One Max is beautiful. I can SEE my navigation charts without glasses. I can read the news on blinkfeed with the font cranked up again with the naked eye. The Zoes are bigger and better. Scribble lets me be creative with my fingers. With a jell skin this time the phone feels great and not slippy. The fingerprint pad lets me open the device either hand and hasn't played up yet. HTC plus Google makes email easy. I can play all day and not stress my 12v onboard chargers. The battery is much improved, and the phone saves everything to the server. I set my new max up in moments of turning it on for the first time and didn't lose anything. An excellent phone. A beautiful phone. This one I want to keep until they invent phones that can swim. April 24, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Phone! It's a great phone! Pros: 1. Screen: Big bright screen. 2. Camera: Excellent, Fast and great image quality. 3. Sound: Loud very loud. 4. Performance: Smooth as silk, no lagging. 5. Battery: 3300 mAh, last more than 2 days on average use. 6. Memory card slot provided so can carry all my music collection. Cons: One and only is that it's too big and if the pocket are small then uncomfortable to carry and need two hands to operate. April 16, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fantastic! I have been a fan of HTC devices for many years now and the One Max is the best I've had yet! I'm a bigger guy so the size is absolutely perfect. The only down side that goes along with the large size is that it can sometimes be a bit awkward when messaging one handed however the many benefits of the size far outweigh that one negative. The large screen is very clear and great for video. The system runs fast and very smooth. The speakers, I don't know what to say, they put out the absolute best sound I've ever heard from a mobile device. Camera quality is great, both front and rear. I'm a very heavy user and the battery holds up better than any device I've had previously. There are many very cool new features that I have not previously had that I have not yet begun to use on a regular basis so there's still so much more I'll be able to do. I would recommend the HTC One Max any day of the week over any other device on the market! April 2, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent Phone - I love that it is big AND heavy! I have had benign tremors all my life which means I shake a lot! This is the first phone that is heavy enough to minimize my shaking. Obviously most people prefer small, light weight phones but for those who have a handicap (and shaking is a handicap as I drop things and, when I write or tap, my fingers may or may not end up doing what I intend them to do), a big screen and a solid feel is wonderful. Add to that a connection speed that is lightening fast, reception that is clear and comprehensible (very rare that the sound is tinny and I have to repeat "what did you say" in the conversation), and you've got a winner. I am sorry HTC is struggling as this is my first HTC phone and it is far, far better than the Motorola Droid X or any Samsung Phones we have had. I recommend it all my friends and family, even those who don't shake... March 22, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Superb In Every Way! When I received My HTC One Max and opened the box, my initial impression was WOW, that's a big phone! I thought to myself, I'll never be able to carry that around conveniently. Boy, was I wrong. It really grows on you and you get so accustomed to carrying it that you never really notice the size. the display is superb. It's not too big and definitely not too small. The graphics are amazing. Feature-wise, I was not real sure how Blinkfeed would blend in to my mobile lifestyle. Blinkfeed is now a major part of my lifestyle. I have gotten way too accustomed to having everything I need in one collage. The TV feature is by far my favorite. I use it in preference to my remote on a daily basis. I love being able to look at all my shows categorized without having to scroll through that ridiculous guide on the TV. The fingerprint scanner is pretty nifty. I have tried to crack it in every way, but it works too well. It is a great added security feature. The speakers can work too well sometimes. You can blow your ears out if it is cranked up on a call, but all in all, there is never a problem hearing the crisp, clear, booming sound on the external speakers. The sound blows my mind. The build on the Max is impeccable! Sturdy and stout are the words I would use to describe the superb craftsmanship of the Max. The fact that it supports SD cards is an added bonus over the One. It is quite unfortunate that I no longer have possession of this finely crafted piece of art. My wife's phone went to the dumps and she took over my Max and refuses to give it back. She says it's the only phone she's ever had that works like it is supposed to. I highly recommend the One Max any day. I am sure all who own it will feel the same way. March 3, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by HTC One Max is Monster Massive!!! I have always been a fan of HTC... I believe in the company and their innovation. Previously I owned a blackberry to an iphone then came the HTC trend from the One X Plus, One, and now the One Max... And HTC again nailed it in the park... If you're a first time user of the One (meaning the One, One Mini and Max)... then you probably heard about its special traits to you which are the best... BoomSound, Zoe and BlinkFeed... Well much of this hasn't changed from the previous phones and you can read about them in detail elsewhere. Instead I'm going to be reviewing this mostly as a difference from the HTC One and HTC One Max... My favorite parts of the HTC One Max would definitely be the screen... I mean its huge and beautiful to look at for photos, videos, browsing the web and anything you really use the phone for. People have said that sometimes its embarrassing to get a phone call and get the phone out and people are like woah thats a huge phone… but in my circumstances its been quite the opposite… people have been dropping their iphones and galaxies and they are wanting to play with the HTC One Max and use it to their desire… and with BoomSound, its so enjoyable to listen to music and watch videos with this baby… The second favorite that the HTC One Max has upgraded and was much needed… was the battery… I simply charge the phone overnight… and will be able to use the morning to evening… for a good 8-10 hours… that is because it is now equipped with a non removable 3300 mAh Li-Polymer battery. Some people might argue and not like that it is non removable… But I actually don’t mind it… As long as after using to take lots of photos, posting on social media, replying emails, use it for phone calls and i still have a phone to get through the day… then HTC you’ve done it again… One of my major (and This is HUGE!) features that I like is the removable SD card… One of the drawbacks of the HTC One and previous phones before was that adding media to the phone was a little bit of a nightmare… including extracting… the HTC Sync Manager should be much more smoother when it comes to these kind of things… With the removable SD card I got a 32GB card and now if I want to add movies, photos and music it is just so easy… and you can always transfer from your phone to the SD card to save some space… Other cool features include the Finger Print Scanner that works and makes it easier to unlock the phone or quickly launch the app… You can take dual shot mode and anti-shake mode which does exactly what it says… Superb for taking videos and making video highlights with just a touch of a button… Now if i’m not mistaken you can add your own music to the video highlights… which is just awesome… The HTC is equipped with Android 4.3 and also with sense 5.5 where you can add more news to the blinkfeed and also save it to read later… One of my only annoyances is that the address book does not fully sync up to the google whenever you add a new listing… Other than that, people who have owned HTCs will find this very similar to use… And also the HTC One sometimes lags as you use the phone further... with the HTC One Max there is no lag, and the android experience is much better... All apps load faster, multitasking is a breeze and makes the whole phone experience very prompt... I’m concluding this to be my favorite phone right now because it was an upgrade to the HTC One which was by far my favorite phone in years… I can’t wait for what HTC is gonna come up with for the upgrade of the one… HTC One Max is definitely an awesome phone to buy if you don’t mind the big phablet size… again HTC is about innovation and not about packing in too many features.. It focuses on the user experience and minimizes the number of big features to deliver you the best phone in the android market… March 3, 2014
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