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Best Phone ever had

I love my HTC one Max. Been with it for almost a year and the battery is as brilliant now as it was when it was new. The best thing about it is the size which also compromises it sometimes. You just don't get used to how big this thing is. You can watch movies, read books, play games and never get tired. It can be tricky to get in some pockets and the camera could be a better. It's not a deal breaker. I'm sad that HTC hasn't come around to give it a proper successor. A proper gargantuan of a smartphone. That being said. It's an amazing phone, great interface. Best of all, for me at least. Incredible Boom Sound speakers. Thanks HTC.

Dina walker

HTC One Max

This is a great smartphone. Very amazing. I am impressed.



This phone is awesome, it looks nice, the screen is very large and the speakers are great. The only things I don't like about it is where the power and volume buttons are, I always hit the lock button when I'm trying to turn the volume down, and I don't like how the camera takes blurry pics unless you are extremely still. But I like how flat the buttons are, and the battery is great it lasts me all day. There should be more updates to make the screen and apps look better, apps that are downloaded don't look good on you home screen they look like there slapped on the screen like a computer.


Indisputably in In Love!

I LOVE this phone I loved it ever since it came out this is my 3rd 1. I mean I have no complaints I just love the phone. I would love to see an actual Update on My Favarite phone in the entire World HTC One Máx (Colossal). Please KEEP ORIGINAL DESIGN. PLEASE don't reduce the size of the phone maybe a bit bigger perhaps Longer & a bit Wider (Personal Opinión). Maybe Completely Metal but Thinner, Sturdy Metal Scratch Resistance, The Same or the better Versión of the screen.The Sceen on The HTC One Max is Gorilla glass. I have Never, Ever cracked my Screen on Any of the 3 I've owned and My 2 year old baby has a love hate relationship with my phone. please keep the corners. I just love it oh and definitely keep the Fingerprint scanning and again I just I love it. Pleased Design a Newer & Updated Versión of My Favorite Phone so I May be whiling to change my phone 1 more thing I would like to Thank You for building an amazing phone keep up the good work guys Thanks


Best phone I have had.

I have had this phone for nearly 2 years - upgrade in August. Genuinely do not want to change it as its the best phone I have ever had. My phone is still in good condition, virtually looks new. The battery life lasts me all day, I don't have to recharge unlike the poor iPhone users who have to recharge a few times a day. I would advise everyone to get this phone. The screen is big but its amazing when way hung films, YouTube Etc with its excellent quality.

Hhafis Ali

no updates.... but a decent phone

I love this phone but.. getting bored of its operating system ad no signs of any updates .Which makes me think of I will buy my next HTC or....


Best Phone I ve had

I have had this phone a long time and can honestly say it is great. Great battery, screen, features, and sound. Highly recommend. Cant believe this phone hasnt een more popular. The size was crazy big when I purchased but now its the thing all want. Its replaced my tablet.


dont like htc max

buttons are in very bad place. turn screen off instead of volume down etc. cannot even feel buttons they are so flat. home button and back button are not even visible in any light at all. lower keyboard buttons grayed out so they are invisible on the road. the support website is nothing but social media force feed. cannot preset picture size. pics come out bigger than a car hood so need to be resized before you can do anything with them.


Simply Impressed By HTC!!

I recommend HTC to every person I come across who may be in the market for a new phone. This is currently my second smartphone from them and I am hooked. My first was the Droid Incredible. When my contract ran out, I did a little research and decided to go with this, the One Max due to the great quality of the Incredible and the 5 star reviews that this phone was receiving. I can honestly say that I've not had a bit of trouble out of either of these smartphones. I'm about a year into owning this One Max and I haven't looked back. The camera quality is second to none and the battery life is phenomenal as I spend a lot of time on my phone for work. Coming from a small screen to this larger screen, I don't think I'll ever be able to go back. Great phone, and superior service. Overall, you should definitely give this phone a look. 5 out of 5 stars for this product. You've made a great product and have a very happy customer that will be back many more times to come!

juan majeed