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HTC One (M7) Reviews

Rated 4.6 out of 5 by 1608 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by 8 years with HTC Hello there. When i first came across HTC brand it was back in 2006.I was working in Iceland and a friend sold me this Qtek 8310, even tho it was bearing other brands name it was actually made by HTC. At that time it was one of the best smartphones available in the market, really solid build, had latest Windows Mobile 5.0 OS and had one of the best screens available on mobile devices, so there my long and rewarding "friendship" with HTC begun. Even tho all my friends jumped the bandwagon , I mean they all had either Nokia of some sort, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens or Alcatel.But I was sticking to this unknown brand(at that time).After some 2 years of happy usage of Qtek 8310 it was time for an upgrade. So I was wondering in mobile phones shop in Iceland and one device caught my attention - HTC Advantage x7510, it was huge, at that time, with 5 inch screen, had that magnetic attachable keyboard, that was a neat feature and all that wraped in a beautiful leather case. I couldn't resist and bought my first true HTC device.Those stereo speakers were incredibly loud, i remember rocking mp3 files by the lake one time, all my friend were really impressed by this rather unique device while still using those simple Nokia phones many of them couldn't even play mp3 files. And loading those pages on 5 inch screen over 3g was really something, i caught many people throwing a glimpse or two at my HTC while i was browsing web while using public transport.That was one unique and good companion. 2 more years passed and there was all that hype building about Android OS and Android devices. I knew already that HTC were making them, actually i was heartwarmingly surprised when HTC made 1st Android device under the name Dream. It was a cool device, with sliding keyboard big high res screen.But i wasn't convinced by OS yet at that time, I gave time for it to evolve and see where will it go.But in 2010, while i was working in England i came across a Vodafone store and there I saw HTC Desire, they gave me to test it on the spot and I really liked it, the speed, the brightness of the screen, the feel of this truly solid device was all the motivation i needed - bought this device and i couldn't been any happier at that time! The Android OS was super fast compared to my HTCs Advantage x7510 sluggish Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional it was just phenomenal! It was my first Android OS experience brought by my loving brand HTC. Little bit later I decided to go for and upgrade, because my friend was so impressed by Desire he wanted something like that from HTC, i convinced him to buy with me a Desire HD, it had even better specs over Desire, so we bought together. I brought in another(hopefully) loyal HTC brand lover. I was literally in love with desire HD, it had great camera, nearly perfect screen, all the connectivity I needed. I used this phone for two and a half years, I traveled to England, France, Netherlands, Latvia , Lithiania, took some great pictures with my Desire HD, a truly amazing phone, whitch, by the way, still works and is used by my brother to this very day(2014 -09-16)! Screen is cracked it has some scratches and bruises but it works perfectly. So days were passing by I was happier than ever with my Desire HD and I barely noticed that 2012 was here. I was working in France at that time and those ads started to pop up on tv about HTC One X, so after some time when i got back to my home town in Lithuania i checked Omnitel carrier if they had white version of One X and it id, after spending some time in shop with all new One X i couldn't resist it, had to own it, it was brilliant device, that polycarbonate unibody gave that warm feeling in hand and that firm grip. I checked Galaxy, the rival, but it felt so much "cheaper", I didn't even considered any other phone over HTC X, it came even with Beats Audio, as a music lover, that was perfect match, nice solid device with enhanced audio capabilities and gorgeous looks. Used it for a six months and loved it every day with it. When, while sill working in France, i noticed that WiFi signal become really weak, you have to be almost by the router to get connected to WiFi, i knew the router was working fine, other were using it with no issues so i did some online search and found out that a batch of One X was with defective WiFi antennas witch may cause this weak performance over WiFi network or may cause even more issues. After couple more days mine HTC One X just shut down itself and didn't turned on no matter what. since I bought it in Lithuania under carrier Omnitel i was left in France with no phone, nor contacts and I Still had 4 weeks of work to do. so I waited patiently for almost a month, got back to my home country, rushed to Omnitel and asked to fix it cause i was still under warranty and i found out by serial number in the the official HTC statement regarding lose WiFi antenna that my phone might be affected by it. I had only two weeks in Lithuania, and of course they didn't managed to fix or replace my HTC One X by that time, so i had to leave to France for two more months with other phone, my good old HTC Desire HD. So after those two months when i came back i went to my carrier and they told me that they couldn't fix it, they agree it was a defective unit and it wasn't my fault, but they just couldn't fix it. And since they were not selling this model anymore they can't replace with new one either.So after 4 months of waiting, paying on monthly basis, cause I got this phone on contract, I was left with no HTC One X... It kinda dissapointed me in a way, cause it was HTC companys flagship device and I happen to got the defective one. But, i thougth to myself we all do mistakes, let's move on not a big deal. They offered me other brand phones, but i refused, after all those years I developed this weird attachment to HTC brand, I really wanted to stay loyal even tho it looked silly to others. I agreed to wait, I didn't even demanded my money back cause i was fallowing HTC news and I knew that all new HTC One(m7) is just behind the corner. So after some time, month or two i was one of the first costumers in Lithuania to get my hands on all new HTC One(m7). And oh boy was it worth the wait! Absolute beast in terms of hardware, looks and feel.And I only had to pay the price difference between this new phone and my "lost" HTC One X. So on behalf of saved money I even bought my sister HTC Windows Phone 8S. And what the the upcoming year with my HTC One(m7) it was, visited so many places, took thousands of pictures, it helped me with those almost one hour trips to work and back with countless hours of music, was a great companion and a communication device all those months spend in other countries while I was working. Great phone, the best for me! Until recent days... It was day like all others, I came back from work, took shower, made myself some food and as usually connected to Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp and since the battery was low I tried to connect my wall charger but the orange light won't come up, it's like it wasn't even connected, tried other charger the same thing, tried to connect to PC still nothing. First thing I did started googling and it hit me. Many many people were having this issue, it won't charge up unless battery is fully depleted and phone is switched off. I tried everything, resetting the settings, making it all factory settings again, resetting while holding the volume key, all kinds of combinations. Tried this recalibrating the battery by charging it for ten minutes and later hold on both volume keys and the power button fro 2 minutes, phone just restarted for couple times and nothing happened. Tried booting phone with fast boot switched off - nothing helped, it only charges to some weird point (up to 64%) while the phone is completely discharged and remains switched off and after you power it on it only stays for couple hours. There were so many so called attempts on the inernet to fix this but nothing really helped. People were really desperate to try anything to bring their phone back to life. And my phone, while I'am away from home is the main communication device: calls, sms, various messengers and so on. And at this point it's just unusable. All the online articles points to the maker - HTC to be precise, for some hardware failure. I just can't believe 2nd flagship HTC device and 2nd defective. I'am really in a bad mood, i still have 4 more weeks before i can return to my home country and to my carrier to take care of this issue, but the main reason is that after all those years, 8 years with HTC i was let down by their flagship devices, witch ones were suppose to boost my confidence in them even further. I just gave up, two weeks now and I'am in constant frustration with my once beloved HTC One(m7) I always was agitating for HTC as a brand behind solid devices, not blindly advising to buy it, but pointing out the pros.I like this company, I like the devices they produced over the years, I saw them evolving, I was part of it from very beginning. But as for now i'am really struggling, I'am really disappointed in HTC. I don't ask for anything or want anything I just want to be heard and to let the someone from HTC to know how their unfortunate "mistakes" affect some loyal costumers, King regards, Vaidas Lengvinas. September 18, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Great phone with camera issues i have my phone for almost a year and i enjoy it on a daily basis but the camera just ruins the whole experience, when you try to shoot a picture with the camera in a room low light exposure the camera turn all the pictures to purple. also the battery life is good but not brilliant as expected from the company flagship if HTC would tell us what to do with the camera the world were a better place. September 15, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Good looking phone but lacks real depth Love the way it looks but, cannot stand: - purple zebra pattern haze when taking picture in low light - nothing has been able to get rid of this and Virgin Mobile won't help at all - low in call volume - tried turning off beats but still not helpful - touchscreen is not very responsive - after using it for 14 months, it is extremely slow September 9, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best phone I've ever had The HTC One answered all my wishes for a smartphone. Beautiful, high quality, solid metal, unique design. Fantastic, sharp screen. Amazing sound. Beautiful camera. Flexible, modern UI that has consistently improved. 2 Day battery life. HTC providing Android updates. I am immensely happy with this phone and there isn't much I would want to add to it. If anything, perhaps a slightly smaller bevel and a doubling of the camera sensor pixel count (I know HTC's argument about camera pixel size, but time is moving on). On top of all this, HTC has vastly improved its relationship with its customers. I'm looking forward to the HTC One (M9). September 3, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by well not the best phone but good so i was browsing trough all the bad reviews because i had some problems #1 my LED is barely visible #2 a weird black dot on my camera #3 speakers sound great but i can barely hear it on full volume overall its a good phone and every device can have it flaws. so im not to mad for the probles that i have, but i would be nice i they weren't there of course. ive used this phone for 5 months and its slowley begins to fail . the phone i had before was a HTC wildfire that is a beast you just couldn't destroy it, never software/hardware problems untill a friend friend swiped it off the table into a hook of a chair whitch caused my screend to break. so i needed a new phone i had a samsung Galaxy Y whitch was totally garbage plastic screen and slow. so i bought a HTC one the looks were great looked strong (really handy for a 15 yr old) so i decided to buy it. when i recived it i was very impressed the looks were great din't veel as heavy as i expected no SD slot but i had enough whit 32GB. i got i now for 5 months and i slowly begins to fail speed,battery,camera and the speakers im thinking to return it but im afraid that i can get worse. FINAL CONCLUSION its a great phone good looks sound of speakers is good but very low (for me) but it has is flaws i hope they fixed it for the M8 i might buy it if this phone doesnt get more problems than now and BTW sorry for my english, its not my native language September 2, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by smart phone ever i saw like HTC ONE..... I have had an HTC-0ne phone for over one year now , I love it. I use many smart phones but this is my best smart phone ever. more versatile than an iphone & better than any other smart phone. August 24, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by best phone ever I don't have enough so i bought second hand phone in cheap price . phone was fresh in condition except camera . everything in phone is superb if my camera was ok then i would have give this phone more then 100++ August 20, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Deeply Disappointed, Several Defective Units I had several problems with this phone. 1) Phone would make screeching death sounds when I attempted to call someone. So, I went to T-Mobile, and they mailed me a replacement. 2) Power button of replacement was jammed in, so I sent in for another replacement. 3) Phone #3 worked fine for a while, but then people could not here me when I called unless I put them on speakerphone. Took it to T-Mobile, was diagnosed with a broken microphone. 4) Replacement was mailed to me and had the same power button issue as Phone #2. The awful thing is that I love this phone (when it actually works). I even paid off the remaining balance rather than putting that money towards a different phone because I liked the features of the HTC One so much. I had faith that my phone would be replaced with one that worked properly; that faith was not rewarded. It's hard to rate this phone. I would have given this phone 5 stars if everything had worked properly. As I had so many issues with several different units, I'll give it 2 stars. August 15, 2014
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