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joe batrich

not impressed

I have had the m7 for 2 years. The battery life is horrible, maybe 4 hours at best. sound is ok. ease of use is OK. Not sure why they have blink feed, I think I have tried to use it once or twice, kind of useless and you can't change very easy. The camera is nice and takes good pics, but man it is difficult to change settings and forget about catching a quick pic. There are many features about this phone that would be cool and nice to use if I could ever figure any out. Only some tech support people own these phones so help is limited. I sure wish there were some good videos on how to use the features. And it is HEAVY!


2 Years, still kicking strong!

I reached the official 2 years mark with this phone. It still feels great and fast for a 2 year old phone. Plus with the latest Android 5.0 update and a surprise "Sense 7" look through a home screen update, HTC shows that it's loyal to it's customer. I really have no complaints with this phone other than the camera. I was really hoping for a 8-Ultrapixel camera in the m8 and m9, as I believe the ultra pixel is a great thing, only that it needed to be in a higher res. Battery life is okay, Boomsound is nice and loud for a smartphone, Screen brightness is a little on the dimmer side. All in all, I love this phone and I'll definitely be upgrading to either a m9 or m10 in the future.


still love it after 2 years

I've had it for nearly 2 years and every feature still works great. the battery life remains pretty good. i had a purple camera problem, but HTC repaired it at no cost and pretty quickly.


Great Device, poor camera

It looks amazing but because it is made from aluminium, it dents so easily. It runs as it should although there are some problems now because if slow software. My main gripe would be that the UltraPixel camera doesn't work as soon as you zoom. It's great for low light but as soon as you zoom in on any pictures (taken or being taken) it turns grainy. It also has the tendency to heat up quite a bit which annoys me. I'm looking forward to the m9 fixing most of these problems. Unfortunately this is the last Htc phone to have beats audio :'( Damn it Apple


Amazing phone ..........battery life not so amazing

Cool strong elegant ................battery the only down side:) 7,5 out of 10


Worst Camera rest all good

Won't recommend it just because of worst camera and battery life in such an expensive mobile rest all is well


terrible phone

I would never get an HTC ever again this phone has had to go in to be fixed like at least three times since I got it and the new update is terrible the screen is week it's shattered the speakers are constantly breaking and so is the phoneing part if the phone like that's it's job WTF the volume button keeps falling out battery dies in like three hours of no use


Used to be an HTC fan...

I have owned the HTC one for over a year now. I bought it primarily because it was supposed to have a really impressive camera. The camera is absolutely horrible. It can really only take a decent picture/video in full sunlight and zoomed out all the way. If you zoom in or if it's overcast or if you are indoors, forget it. It will be grainy, out of focus, and probably either pink or blue. They've been promising a software update to correct this, and it never came. My old incredible 2 took awesome photos in all lighting conditions. I wish I had kept it, instead. Also, as other reviewers have mentioned, the battery life is pretty sad. Previously, I was a die-hard htc fan (all of the smartphones I have ever owned have been htc), but I would not buy another htc based on this experience. This phone is pretty, but that's about all it has going for it.


Best Phone EVER!!

My brother gave to me as a gift a few months ago and I love it i had an HTC before then Samsung but nothing is better like an HTC :D :D



So I just got my M7 htc1 back today from Busch gardens. It took a fall in excess of 200ft off of Cheetah hunt without any sort of case or protection. Has a few scuffs of the back of the phone with no extra damage prior to beating gravity! I've had this phone for over a year and 3 months and its solid as hell!!!! Camera on Snapchat sucks but other than that this thing is still rocking loud and proud. I got another phone in the day and a half it took them to find it, I knew where it fell from my pocket on the ride and have had many Iphones prior and simply excepted my losses. I couldn't believe not only that it survived almost completely intact, rather disappointed that I bought a new phone. This phone is still 100% functional!!!!