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No durability

Screen breaks and cracks very easily. The facebook home is useless unless your an avid teenage facebooker. Battery is not easily accessible. Takes am abnormal amount of time to turn on, which wouldn't be a big deal if it hadn't crashed or froze in the short month I had it. No micro sd slot. Cracked the second day I got it. Shattered after a month.



I have had a few problems with this phone. My phone has been getting overheated for about a month now. I would charge my phone and it wouldn't charge. The charger was not working for me. I have dropped my phone. Overall, if these problems did not happen, this would be a great phone.

New Jersey, USA

Cant expect better for a phone!!!

With all the other phones it took a while to adjust to it. THIS PHONE IS SIMPLE TO USE I don't know how they can make them any faster. Even though this is really a facebook phone that I personally don't like its still a very good phone

Bronx, NY, USA


I upgraded to from an iphone 4S to an HTC First and while the pone itself is cool and easy to get used to, the CAMERA IS TRASH! The use of my phone camera is very very important to me so the horrible picture quality is a deal breaker. I barely take pictures now because its so bad. If you are big on pictures and video, then don't bother with this phone. Being that its the "Facebook" phone, you'd think that they would have put a little more effort into the camera....WRONG! I honestly regret buying this phone. I cannot wait to get my sweet sweet iphone back.

Las Vegas, NV, USA

It was okay

I got the phone as an emergency replacement for a broken phone. I got it during their 1 cent promotion of the phone. And for the first month it was amazing. The screen is a nice size, with the entire phone still being able to fit in an average pocket. It accomplished tasks quickly, had sufficient storage, and didn't have a terrible battery life. Almost three months having the phone, I am regretting the rushed decision. The screen now kills the battery to where it will not last 24 hours off the charger if used once. The speakers have deteriorated to where it might as well not be on there. The Charger no longer works with it, I have to place it carefully or it won't connect, and as of today will not connect. I have tried a few other chargers with it, and am pretty sure it is the phone not the charger, though I could be wrong. Perhaps the most annoying part is that when I try to use it as an actual phone, I get complaints from the other end that they can't hear me. This is while I am in an isolated room alone.

Houston, TX, USA

Don't get this phone!

Screen cracked five days after purchase. Unit was simply in my pocket by itself. Very fragile. My carrier refused any action due to damage. I have had many different phones by many different manufacturers. This is the worst unit I've ever owned by far. Very poor build quality.

Paris, France

Best HTC phone

Coming from a Desire HD, this phone could be just the same... but everything is 10 times faster. It is lighter, as the camera is so much better, and so on. But why are you guys forgetting it ? I'm still hoping for and Android 4.2 upgrade (which is a very important evolution) but anyway you should just launch it again without the logo HTC, because the HTC First is a great, very homogeneous phone. Also the design is the best HTC's to me. (I got mine on ebay because it has never been sold in my country !)

Roanoke, VA, USA

ATT's best kept secret

I don't know why all the reviewers gave this little phone such bad reviews. It's great phone at a great price on ATT. The screen is bright and vibrant. The speaker is amply loud. The camera is fine for pointing and shooting. I've not encountered a phone that is easier to use. Jelly bean 4.1.2, the 4.3 inch footprint, and processor make this phone a diamond in the rough. People rely too much on reviews. Go to a store and handle this phone for an hour or so and you'll fall in love. AND IT'S $0.99!

Ohio, USA

An underestimated phone

This is my first smartphone and its a really nice phone to have. I use the stock version of android and the phone holds its own. Though I wish it would get updates to new versions of android!

Long Beach, MS, USA

Great Phone

Most say its a great phone and it is but as far as the facebook can choose to not have the facebook be right in front of you at all times, I shut mine off and can, you can shut down the facebook home and thats what I did. At home I'm online anyways on my laptop so I dont need it to be on my phone, when I go out somewhere and only IF I want to check on my facebook I can turn it back on or just log in using the browser :) So all in all this IS a great phone! XD