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Laurel Pogue

Pro: Everything Con:no removable battery

I found an app "360 Security" that really makes this phone perfect. It cleans junk files from the phone, scans for viruses, boosts the battery, moves apps to sd card, deletes apps, stops whichever apps that start all the time and don't need to. I've owned this phone since 9/16/2014 almost a year and I do really love it. The camera is wonderful, I put lots of apps on it, all my google stuff is there, calendar, mail, etc. Be sure to use the "extreme power saver", that really works. I got one of those cases with a kick-stand that is bright, makes it look like a big thick phone, but since it is so slim this case really protects it. If it will last another two years would be nice. I had an LG Optimus for 2 years that I loved.

Kaizad Gardin

Overall review after using the device for over a year

It is an amazing phone but has some disappointing things in it. The phone has an amazing front camera. It never lags and the Lollipop update has improved the performance. The main camera is a huge disappointment. The user hardly gets some storage. Useless apps are there in the phone. HTC Dot View gets installed after the Lollipop update but it isn't available for the device. It cannot be deleted also. Battery life isn't great after the Lollipop update This phone is great for people who love clicking selfies and for those who don't use many apps.


Beautiful phone but...

HTC Desire 816 is the best midrange phone with awesome features all together but lacks internal sotrage which makes it difficult to update if only htc would make its updates less sized it would be great .

Saroj adhikari

no memory space

I can not find sufficient internal memory space after updating my HTC desire 816 to lollypop. There is no space remaing for other little application. All the rest of the things are very good.

Wasif Pervaiz

Amazing phone for all selfie lovers!

My 2nd bestest android phone ever! Previously, when I brought HTC Rhyme, it gave me an excellent response. I recommend all selfie lovers to buy this HTC Desire 816 instead of purchasing of other mobile companies. Go HTC!

Yolanda Morton

Wasted my Money

This phone has so many embedded programs coupled with the last android update translates into a basic old Phone - no room left to add apps. Add an ad card you say? Makes NO difference. Very few apps reside on the sd card. What's the point of a smartphone if you can't add the aps YOU want and not the stupid ones that are trapped on your phone. Sorry I made tgis purchase. Samsung I'm coming home.


Best phone ive owned

I've had this phone since Christmas 2014. This phone has been great. It has a great screen and great sound. Battery can drain fast if your not careful. But with that as the only problem compared to the price, which is extremly cheap for what you get. The phone has pretty good drop resestance. I found this out after I left on the bumper of my truck and then drive down the road and it landed screendown on the road with nothing more that scratches to the side.



The phone works fine but the camera is a huge disappointment. My old HTC one had a quick operating camera, sharp pictures, high speed..4 frames per second, quick focus, etc. Why camera on this better phone is not good, I cannot understand.



I've been using this phone for nearly 10 months now . Not even a single time has this beauty lagged . With its brilliant UI , Cameras , Design , Speakers you can not get another midranger for this money . This phone has exceeded all my expectations and has punched above its weight ;) . A slight cause for concern is the slightly average battery and the low internal memory . Other than that this phone is just WOW...


HTC Rules!!!

I've only had my HTC 816 for a couple of weeks and I absolutely love it!!! The 5.5 screen is amazing and the look and feel of the phone is very comfortable. I downloaded the Virgin Mobile users manual (267 pages), but I'm a high school teacher and my students taught me all the important things I need to know. My only concern from the beginning was the internal storage capacity. Comes with 8GB but after several updates both app and system I'm currently down to 1.92GB and holding. Got a 32GB SDcard, but very few apps are transferable to the card. Clear cache, delete apps, do what you must... I love this phone!!!