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United States

Great Company Phone

After about 8 months with this outstanding Windows phone, I am extremely pleased with its long battery life and well-thought-out configuration. It seamlessly shares with my office desktop and laptop! After adding a 64Gb micro SD card, I enjoy a whopping 72Gb of memory and now, in many instances, can leave my laptop behind when mobile.

Texas, USA

I am really impressed with my HTC 8XT

I had been an iPhone user for years but I wanted to switch to a Windows Phone as I have decided to go with the Microsoft ecosystem. I wanted a phone with a larger screen and 4G (my iPhone 4s was only 3G). I have been using a Nokia 920 as my business phone so I was already used to using the Windows Phone 8 operating system. I went with the HTC 8XT because of the specs, shape, and lightweight. I am glad I made the switch - I am really impressed with the 8XT, it feels good in my hand and it is so light that I can't even tell that it is in my pocket (the Nokia 920 is heavy). Sprint needs to update the Visual Voicemail app, and I replaced the Sprint navigation app with the Nokia HERE Drive app which works great and provides turn by turn voice instructions. And I was happy to discover that Flixster can now stream my Vudu movies. A great phone - I recommend it.

Denver, CO, USA

Good entry level phone

If you are a Sprint customer this is the best Windows phone. Light weight, fluid movement, Windows app store has all the basic apps you'll need, & MS office. The only things keeping me from ranking this phone as excellent is; 1 - No call blocking, seriously this is a basic feature for a cell phone. 2 - Only 8 GB internal storage total, about 4.5 GB left after the operating system. It does have up to 64 GB available using a storage card. 3 - Camera is OK, zoom interface is awkward you have to pinch the screen, using the volume rocker would have been better. All in all a good entry level Windows phone to try out the Windows OS on, which I really love. Can't wait for a high end Windows device hopefully from HTC or the new Nokia 1820 coming after the first of the year, and no I don't work for Nokia or Microsoft. But until then enjoy the 8XT.


dependable easy to use phone

I have used windows phones since the beginning in 2002. and used the handheld pc's etc. since 1996. Microsoft dumbed down the os from the Touch Pro 2 on windows mobile 6.5, but have made the overall experience much improved. The 8xt works great and is simple to use. It is the first phone that is loud enough for me.. (Thank you for Beats Boom sound with both speakers on Front). My main complaint is the voicemail notification does not work. Something happened in the software between HTC and Sprint that broke this feature. I have had the phone since day 1 July 19th 2013 and it never has worked. Otherwise great phone, that more people should try out. They just might like it..

Grand Rapids, MI, USA


I have been an Android user for many years. I was looking for a change and I would never subject myself to the highly overrated iphone, so Windows Phone was my choice. I have not been disappointed! This is a great phone. Some people complain about the color, but the longer you own it the more "blue" it looks. The WP8 OS is just amazing. So smooth and fast. Everything looks and feels great. The performance is so much smoother and more natural than Android. Yes the screen is not a 1080p but unless you plan on playing Halo 3 all day on your phone then it probably won't matter to you. The battery is FAR superior to my Galaxy S2. I was charging that phone 2 to 3 times per day. The 8XT I am charging maybe once a day and sometimes not even that often. The APP store has every single app that I've looked for and all of them work better than their Android counterpart. I haven't had one app "force close" yet, and that was a daily occurrence on Android. Anyone who says there aren't enough apps on Windows Phone must be lo

Chicago, IL, USA

Wonderful Phone

Windows Phone 8 just works. It works great. Everything is easily accessible, easy to use, and well integrated. Occasionally I miss an app for a specific company but with the ability to pin websites to the start screen I rarely care. The 8xt itself feels awesome. It feels far more solid than most other phones and the shape makes it feel light and extremely thin. I can't over emphasize how thin the phone feels in hand. The spec sheet may put it at a middling 9mm but it really feels thinner than any other phone I've held. Seriously for anyone who wants their phone to just work, or is looking for a change, or is looking fro great build quality, this is a great phone. (explanation of ratings# #Camera is fine, but compared to Nokia's offerings it is a little disappointing especially in low light. # #Boom sound with the front facing speakers is great. I like how low volume levels are very quiet but it still gets loud.# #Screen is slightly fuzzy as 800x480 is below retinal at that screen size. It's not bad at all

Chicago, IL, USA

I love my 8XT

First off, this phone looks and feels great in the hand. I'm an audio nut so I love the Boom Sound and Beats audio integration. This is my first Windows Phone and I'm happy as ever to have made the switch from Android. The OS runs smooth as can be and the Zune Style MP3 player is a bonus. I was disappointed with the Scout navigation for not having turn by turn audio instruction, but I remedied that by downloading the Mapquest app for free. The resolution is a bit low, but for the size of the screen I still think it look great. I was kind of sad to hear that HTC may not be making WP anymore. It's too bad, this phone is Sprint's highest rated phone right on their site right now. If Sprint/HTC could just do a better job marketing this phone and showing people that, this and their other WP could sell even better. This the best phone out there that no one knows about.

Pensacola, FL

HTC 8XT is outstanding!!!!

For any Sprint user coming from the HTC Arrive, this is a huge step up. Just like the Arrive before it, this 8XT is solid. It is light, yet not of a plastic-cheap-feeling build. It is just really nice to hold and use. Sure, it doesn't have a higher-res screen, and more memory would have been nice. But this device just feels great!! The sound quality with BoomSound is really nice, and even the sound over headphones is a step up. Windows Phone 8 is just great too!! A good step up from WP7.5. The camera is rated one less than "Excellent" for there certainly are better smartphone cameras out there, without mentioning names. So, can't be perfect there. And, as previously mentioned, there are better screen resolutions out there too, thus, not perfect there. However, both the camera and screen are still very nice. Bottom line, if you liked your HTC Arrive, you will love the 8XT.


Give this a serious look

I didn't like the specs sheet when i saw the release for the 8xt. I wasn't going to buy one. Junk screen, Junk processor--i'm not interested. I went in to a store anyway and used one. This thing is seriously excellent. The screen is WXVGA, but it's very sharp, great colors and good contrast. You'll only notice the resolution when web browsing and trying to read text you should just zoom in on anyway. Processor is great. No hiccups, apps load quickly, Wp8 manages this well. Battery life is pretty good. I'd say a good 18-20 hours of heavy use on mine. Others have reported >24hrs (with less use) from what i've seen. Better yet, it made my best friend, a true apple fanboy with an iphone 5, honestly jealous. The build quality, NFC, color, camera, size really blew him away. I used to not recommend windows phone 7 even though i liked it bc i know it wasn't going to satisfy some people. I'll gladly recommend this phone to anyone.

Kansas City, MO, USA

After a week with my 8XT I am very, VERY

HAPPY. This phone is extremely easy to use and windows OS is simple to comprehend. Screen is excellent and speakers are above average and I don't have to strain to hear what's on speaker phone or music. If you haven't tried the windows OS you have to try it on this phone as it is so much faster than my previous phones and faster than my daughters iphone. Only issue is a functional case as there are only 2 available from sprint and this phone doesn't work with 8x cases as the mini usb port, camera flash and volume buttons don't quite match up. Great phone . . . need a case!