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Maricopa, AZ, USA

Worst phone I have ever owned!

This phone is horrible! Much like the other reviews, shuts off with full battery...then when comes back on volume of message alerts are set to where only my dog can hear them until it decides it's ok to be normal again. Can not WAIT to get rid of it!

Iowa, USA

incredible 2 piece of junk

I am going on my 4th replacement of this junk phone for the same issues and yet verizon still can not accept the fact that the phone is junk. It shuts off radonmly even if charged fully. Basically has to be hooked to the charger all the time and when off doesnt last long. Battery been checked and its just fine. Software issue that verizon wont address. They are about to lose my business if they dont start showing better customer service. And thanks to the greed of the company I cant use my upgrade or I will lose my unlimited data package I have had for years and have to pay for a limited one. Not gonna happen. So I have to keep getting junk REFURBISHED phones even though I paid for price for the original phone and it was new they still make you get used junk instead of new. Whats the point of paying for the insurance then.


piece of junk

I'm on my 3rd one of these already. Bought it in July of 2012 and the rep told me "oh, this is Droids biggest and upcoming phone". Bull!!! Not even a software update. I like the physical size of the phone, fits great in my hand, the features on it are average, but they can't take any beating at all or they break, the processor has its fair share of slowness, it has hard times placing phone calls, and when downloading some apps, it confuses itself on how much storage is left on the phone. Just excited to get rid of it!

Wisconsin, USA

horrible battery.

this phone started out great for 5 months and since then the battery life has shurnken. it makes maybe a total of 4.5 hours then has system error and powers off and then says to connect charge and within 10 mins batter life is up to 60% . very unusual for a batter to do so.

Alexandria, VA, USA

Disappointment in my second HTC

I had a first generation HTC incredible. It was built tough and performed well for three years of hard service. The screen on this one shattered within the first three months. Since then, I have found the phone to have poor internal storage management, too much Verizon bloatware, and poor battery life. Recently, it struggles to remember names and place phone calls. Not even a year old, and I'm eager to replace it.



It is a very good phone. It has very good battery life and is very easy to use.

Oregon, USA

Pretty good phone!

Only gripes with the phone: camera shots can be somewhat grainy/line-ey, may be a little bit bulky, and a low quality front camera (VGA quality) However, the phone performs excellent, has a great screen, and a good user experience. If you're coming from an iPhone, it is much, MUCH different, but well. I wish though, that this phone had the aps iO7 gets! Great phone, understated, not too popular, check it out if you're getting one.

Hartford, CT, USA


Purchased this phone the 1st day on the Market. My Verizon rep told me that it would be upgraded to Jellybean in 30-60 days. That was 14 months ago and I'm still waiting for the upgrade. At times I have Freeze issues and need to re-start the phone. It is however a nice upgrade from my original Incredible.

Oc, ca

3 month and nothing but problems.

I must have gotten a defected one because I have had nothing but problems. It restarts on me for no reason. It tells me I have no SIM Card in. It also drops calls, saying i don't have service when I've been stand in one place for awhile, then wont let me call out till i restart the phone.I've taken it to Verizon and they pretty much tell me I'm crazy. I have the worst luck with HTC. Had problems with the Incredible 2, and that's how I got stuck with this one because they don't make the 2 anymore. I should have gotten the iPhone. But I'm glad this phone works for some ppl out there.


Great 4 Inch Screen Phone

After a year of use my Inc 4 is still smooth as butter and has never given me a single problem! I love this phone! It has all the power i need to run games and my apps, it gets much better reception than any samsung i have ever had, it takes much better pictures than my wife's razr maxx hd and razr m. the screen is very pleasing to the eyes and gives natural colors. no little dots like the razr m. i can hook it up to my plasma screen unlike the razr m. it is just great. we need more full featured and powerful phone in the 4 to 4.3 " size range. I don't care for a large phones. this one is perfect.