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London, UK

Why have this if it can not make / recieve calls ?

Having recently bought an HTC One, I plugged it into my car sound system via a jack lead for music and calls. However, the Aux jack is far from the dashboard, so leads trailing all over. I thought the solution ? The HTC Bluetooth Steroclip. However, I now have no leads trailing....but neither do I have any calls !!! The music etc transfers beautifully to the car Sound system, but incoming and outgoing calls ? Not at all !!! After many calls and question raised on forums, seems this is standard ! So if I want calls I have to go back to the jack lead. What was the point of this purchase ???? I have overall rated this as fair, because the music stream is good. If it wasn't it wouldn't even get that. The review is about the Steroclip though, not the HTC One phone which is excellent.

Houston, TX, USA

Lacks Bass

If you're looking to clean up all the wires in your car, then this is for you. If you're an audiophile, this isn't for you. There is no bass or mid range. I thought this was going to be ideal for the car but it keeps me wanting more. Very easy to use and setup, great quality feel. Just made my aftermarket stereo sounding flat.

Menomonee Falls, WI, USA

The no wires are nice but that's all

The sound is terrible. And the battery life leaves something to be desired . There is little to no bass at all compared to using the standard plugs. I really wanted it like this but I just can't. Maybe I got a defective model but as I said , there is little to no bass. And I'm not talking about overly bassy songs either


HTC Stereo Clip

HTC Stereo Clip is an awesome device, introduced by HTC for specially car's who don't have Bluetooth. The sound quality is good and also very useful for GPS navigation while driving. Only thing which I found HTC have missed in this Stereo Clip is incoming/outgoing call via Car speaker and using mobile mic. Hope HTC will introduce this feature as well in there next firmware update. I recommend this device

Denver, CO, USA

A must have accessory for the car!

I use the HTC StereoClip in my car with an extremely nice stereo system (Mark Levinson with 19 speakers, 450 watts, and no distortion - no matter how loud you play your music) The StereoClip sounds better than using a cable by the way, and not to mention no more wires all over the place. A MUST have accessory!

Daytona Beach, FL, USA

HTC One and Nissan Leaf --- Perfect

It took less than 2 minutes to connect the device and the sound was fantastic... I remove a cord from the front of my dash and gain wireless music functionality.

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Works Great

Bought originally when I purchased the HTC One X when it first came out, worked great with that phone and also works great with the HTC One! Using it with the HTC Car Dock for each phone which is also highly recommended.


Almost Perfect

Although the device does what it is designed to, it lacks the streaming of phone calls using bluetooth. I suspect this is because it is does not have a built-in mic and only displays the Media Audio Profile under the Bluetooth settings. Sound quality is pretty good using the stereoclip, but would have been great if you could use it to make and receive phone calls!


Very simple to use, but sound quality not equivalent to a direct cable

This unit does very well to simplify the bluetooth pairing process, and works very well with my HTC One. It is unfortunately let down by the sound quality. It does well to eliminate hum and interference which these types of units have been associated with in the past. The problem is the EQ of this unit. The sound is very bright at the top end and midrange is muddled and lacking of detail, the bass also seems to have thinned out compared to a direct cable from the phone. I don't know if this was intentional to try and limit the frequencies which standard car stereos may struggle with, similar to the way radio is EQ'ed Don't expect this to sound as good as a cable connection, as to me it's nothing like the results from a cable. If your using a stock stereo in your car, then this may be fine possibly unnoticeable, but if your stereo is high end then this wont be a good match.

Chicagoland, Chicago, IL, USA

Works great with HTC One

Once I got it working it works great. My car's AUX connector is in the armrest as is one of the power outlets. By plugging the power into StereoClip I never have to take it out for recharging since it is able to charge while playing. One thing to note is that I initially was unable to get the StereoClip to work with the HTC One. It worked fine with my tablet but not with the HTC One. Eventually HTC's support figured out that the StereoClip firmware had to be updated. HTC paid for a round trip shipment of the device and I had it back in less than a week. After the firmware update all worked fine.