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i have a little problem

hello everyone, I have a bh s600 and I culd not be more happy, The sound is AMAZING, it's very easy to use, the battery life is more than I expected. It's works very well with my smartphone android 4.2, however I don't know why, my tablet Google nexus 10 can't find this device by bluetooth. Does anyone know why and how can I fix this problem?? Best regards

Vienna, Austria

Excellent companion, a wee bit overpriced me thinks

I can't comment on the durability, since I just purchased the BH S600 this evening. I was looking for a wireless option for my commute to/from work and this fit the bill. I'm a previous HTC Rezound owner and have just switched to the HTC One this week. Previously, the Rezound would not allow 'Beats' to work over bluetooth. Now, that's not an issue (guessing bc of the Bluetooth apt-X feature on the One). Beats works perfectly, and best of all, I can use my old iBeats earbuds (or any other 3.5mm device) from my Rezound. I know Beats audio isn't for everyone, but I like the effect. I got this item because my corded iBeats earbuds would consistently snag on my messenger bag or suit and yank them out of my years on a busy/crowded subway ride. Additionally, I was able to pair this device with my Macbook Air very easily. I know there are cheaper options out there, but I wanted to stick with something I knew I would be happy with. Great little device, easy to use, and easy to setup.


Unless you cancel the auto yes/no answer this is almost useless

Is a good headphone , battery life, quality both sound and build are excellent BUT! It answers and reject your calls on its own discretion ! You can't cancel the yes/no auto answer so if you will put them on the table sometime it will answer calls and sometime reject them just because of background noise ....THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST RIDICULOUS BUILT IN FEATURES!!!


Flagship Quality

I have been using this device for a couple of months now. I have a black one, because the white one was not available at that time. I love the design. It preserves all the legacy of HTC. The built quality is as always - top notch. Sound quality is amazing and the headbuds are really high quality. Lots of clarity and powerfull bass. Also, they are loud enouch. I use it everyday and I am really happy with it. The only concern is when I am using it as a remote controller for my camera it is not responsive as I want it to be. Anyway, I have used it only for playing around. I am using it with HTC One - the best designed phone ever :)

Jakarta, Indonesia

best in class

I got this along with my HTC 8X, and now with my One. Overall, this is a great device that is very easy to use. I had problems with BT devices before, but not this one. It is very easy to pair and set up with phones and even laptop. Telephony works great with clear voice quality. Audio quality is also great for music, unlike any other BT devices that severely degrades signal quality. Durability is great. I dropped it many times and it still works. My only minor complain is that I am unable to see the battery level, and all I got is only the voice reminder, which sometimes is a little too late. Other than that, it is a great device that I have no problem recommending to anyone.

England, UK


I hace this from O2 and they work like a charm :-)