Using the onscreen keyboard

Using the onscreen keyboard

When you start an app or select a field that requires text or numbers, the onscreen keyboard becomes available.
Tap anywhere onscreen where you can type and the keyboard appears automatically.
After you've finished using the keyboard, press to close it.

Turning caps lock on

Press and hold or double-tap the shift key . Tap it again to turn caps lock off.

Entering numbers and symbols

  1. Tap to switch to the numeric and symbol keyboard. You'll find numbers, common punctuation marks, and symbols on the keyboard.
  2. To use more symbols, tap .
  3. Some of the symbol keys can bring up even more symbols. Press and hold a symbol to see more.
    For example:
    • Press and hold a symbol key such as the left parenthesis key, and then tap the symbol that you want.
    • Press and hold the period key to bring up some of the common punctuation options, and then tap the one that you want.
    • Press and hold the $ key to see more options for currency symbols, and then tap another currency symbol.

Moving the cursor

To place the cursor in the middle of the text you've already entered, press and hold near the text you want to change until a cursor appears, and then drag your finger to move the cursor exactly where you want it.
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