Uploading files to Dropbox

Uploading files to Dropbox

Let your files follow you around. Whatever document, video, or photo you upload from HTC Sensation XE using Dropbox also updates on your web account and on other devices you've installed Dropbox on.
  • You need to create or sign in to your Dropbox account to start using the app.
  • To upload documents, you must have a file manager app installed on HTC Sensation XE. See www.dropbox.com for details.
  1. From the Home screen, tap > Dropbox.
  2. Select or create the folder where you want to upload your file.

    To create a new folder, press , and then tap New > Folder.

  3. Press , and then tap Upload.
  4. Choose a file type, and then browse for the file you want to upload.

Once you've uploaded the file to Dropbox, you can share it with others. Press and hold on the file, and then tap Share > Share a link or Share this file.

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