Getting to know your settings

Getting to know your settings

Want to change the ringtone, set up a Wi-Fi® connection, add your accounts, or make HTC One XL more secure? Do this and more in Settings.
  1. Open Settings either from the Quick settings panel or All apps view.
    • With two fingers, swipe down from the status bar to open Quick settings, and then tap .
    • From the Home screen, tap to switch to All apps view, and then tap Settings.
  2. Here are some of the basic settings you can change:
    • Tap the On/Off switch next to an item such as Wi-Fi to turn it on or off. Tap the item itself to configure its settings.
    • Tap Sound to set a ringtone, choose a sound profile, and configure incoming call sound settings.
    • Tap Personalize to change the Home screen wallpaper, lock screen style, and more.
    • Tap Accounts & sync to add and sign in to your different accounts, such as email, social networks, and more.
    • Tap Security to help secure HTC One XL, for example with a screen lock.
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