Viewing the highlights of an event
Instantly create and share events with Video Highlights

Viewing the highlights of an event

Want to share the excitement of a wedding or party? Gallery automatically selects the highlights of an event and displays them in a highlight video that lasts about half a minute. The highlight video will include HTC Zoe photos, still photos, and video clips.

Your most viewed or most shared content from an event are the top highlights.

There are also background music themes that play with the show, and you can shuffle the content.

  1. Open the Gallery app.
  2. Tap > Events.
  3. Tap a tile to see photos and videos taken at a certain event. You'll see a preview that displays the highlight video created from the event.
  4. Tap the preview to view the highlight video in full screen.
  5. While viewing the show in full screen, tap the screen to access the controls. You can:
    • Tap to change to another theme.
    • Tap to shuffle the highlights.
    • Tap > Select content to manually choose content to be included in the highlight video.
    • Tap > Select music to change the default soundtrack.
    • Tap > Save to create a video file of the highlights. The video will be saved in the Video Highlight folder.
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