Features you'll enjoy on HTC One max

Features you'll enjoy on HTC One max

HTC One max gives you options for quick and easy setup. Transferring your old phone's content such as your contacts, messages, and media can be done right from HTC One max.

Also, enjoy taking shots with the camera, checking personalized content with HTC BlinkFeed, and more.

Easy phone setup and transfer

Fingerprint scanner

You can use the fingerprint scanner at the back of HTC One max to quickly unlock your phone with your fingerprint. You can also assign up to three fingers to open apps that you often use. See About the fingerprint scanner.

Dynamic Home screen

With HTC BlinkFeed, personalize your Home screen with the information and updates that matter most to you. See a variety of content such as feeds about news and your interests, social network updates, and more. The content refreshes periodically when you're connected to the Internet. See Your dynamic Home screen.

New ways to share memories

Show off the excitement of your event. A Zoe is automatically created from selected highlights of an event or album with background music and special effects. See Creating a Zoe in Gallery.

Outstanding camera features

  • Choose from a variety of pre-defined camera modes, or create your own camera profiles. See Choosing a capture mode.
  • Capture entire moments with pictures and sound, and watch them come alive again with Zoe camera mode. See Using Zoe camera.
  • With VideoPic, you can snap a picture while you're shooting video. See Taking a photo while recording a video — VideoPic.
  • Switch to Sweep panorama and pan the camera to capture a wide-angle view of the scenery. See Taking a panoramic photo.
  • With Dual capture mode, capture both the scene and your own self-portrait in a single photo or video. See Using dual capture mode.
  • Use Continuous shooting mode to capture 20 consecutive shots (or more) of a subject in motion.
  • By just tapping the shutter button, take multiple shots of your subject at different exposures and combine them into a nice, evenly exposed photo.

    With the main camera, you can also record HDR videos with authentic sound quality.

    See Using HDR.

Unleash your creativity

  • Retouch photos taken in Zoe camera or continuous shooting modes with Object Removal, Always Smile, and Sequence Shot. You can even create a short animation with GIF Creator. See Gallery.
  • With Variable Speed Playback, add a cinematic flair to your videos by slowing down particular scenes. See Changing the video playback speed.

Immerse in music

Watch mesmerizing visualizations as you play songs in HTC Music. And if lyrics are available, they'll show onscreen. See Viewing song lyrics.

Entertainment with HTC Sense TV

HTC Sense TV brings entertainment to your phone and extends it to your TV. You can:

Google Drive integration

HTC One max features an additional 50GB of Google Drive storage free for 2 years. See Activating your free Google Drive storage.

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