Your contacts list

Your contacts list

The People app lists all contacts stored on HTC EVO 3D and from the online accounts you're logged in to.
You can:
  • View your profile and edit your contact information.
  • Create, edit, or find contacts.
  • See status updates.
  • Tap a name to see that contact's stored information.
  • See a notification icon when a contact has sent you new messages or when it's the contact's birthday.
  • Check out who's online in Google Talk™. Online status icons are displayed if you’re signed in to Google Talk

Filtering your contacts list

Choose which account contacts to show.
  1. On the People tab, tap on the top bar.
  2. Choose the online accounts that contain the contacts you want to display.
  3. Press
Tip: To set more contact sorting options, press and then tap Settings.
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