Viewing photos and videos

Viewing photos and videos

  1. From the Home screen, tap > Gallery.
  2. Tap a photo or video album.
  3. Tap a photo or video to view it in full screen.
  • If viewing an image that you've captured using HTC EVO 3D, tap 2D View or 3D View to switch between viewing in 2D and 3D.
  • While viewing a photo in full screen, tap anywhere on the screen, and then tap More > Show on map to see the location where you took the photo. (Show on map is available when you've enabled Geo-tag photos in Camera.)

Starting a photo slideshow

  1. Tap a photo album.
  2. Tap More > Slideshow.
During the slideshow, tap the screen to show the controls. Tap to set slideshow preferences.

Adjusting a 3D photo

When you take a 3D photo, the rear camera captures a left and right image to give a three-dimensional look. In Gallery, you can adjust the two images in the photo to get the best 3D image.
  1. Browse to the 3D photo that you want to adjust.
  2. Tap the screen to display the onscreen controls, then tap Edit > Adjust 3D alignment.
  3. Adjust the image to get the best 3D view:
    • Tap or to shift the left or right image incrementally.
    • Press and hold or to keep moving the left or right image.
  4. Tap Save.
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