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This phone only has 90 MB of storage, 512 MB of ROM and 512 MB of RAM which is quite small. This phone wiill run Temple Run or any high end graphical game. After you install a few games along with your messages,photos and emails you will find the phone will start coming up with some annoying messages saying you memory is full and that you have to have an amount of space free for the phone to continue receiving messages which isn't handy. Also when your phone's memory is low the phone will start glitching, HTC Sense will stop responding and your phone's OS will have to reboot (Which gets annoying when it happens every 20 mins until you clear space). I would not recommend this phone if you are someone who likes to have all your messages, emails and web on the go or if you are a heavy app use as it comes with insufficient space

Nottingham, UK


htc x always charging battery no music unless you use head phones not easy to set up when new otherwise o k would not buy htc again

Beckenham, Greater London, UK

Absolute nightmare

DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. I've struggled through the past year and a half with this phone and it is making simple tasks arduous chores. The camera is blurry and there is no focus, the touchscreen acts up constantly causing my phone to leap from one app to the next or typing gibberish without me even touching the screen. The rubber case is peeling off so the lock butting is completely exposed. This phone also has storage issues, despite the 2GB memory card and deleting all my apps, and most of my contacts the phone insists on having 'low storage space'. Sometimes I have to spend 5 minutes deleting temporary files before I can even view my text messages, or empty gallery. This phone is the perfect looking small phone, it's just a shame it's so unusable.

Lahore, Pakistan

Good phone, within budget.

If internal storage memory would have been more, I would have definitely rated it 5 stars. Overall, a good phone to use and much much better comparatively to the other smartphones available in the market of same price.


Fine phone made unusable by lack of internal memory

The phone itself works reasonably for what it is, which is a simple entry-level smart phone. The paltry state of the phone's internal storage makes it virtually unusable. Just having the Facebook app uses almost all available memory, so much so that it now won't even receive text messages as there is no storage! I've moved everything possible onto a memory card, but even then, there is no remaining space. Overall, the compromise on memory on this phone is too great, so I would leave well alone.

Kent, UK

Ridiculously low storage!

I am never ever getting an HTC phone again. Bought one for me and one for my partner. You download a couple of apps onto it and your memory has been used up and it won't allow you to move much to a a memory card like other phones. I've given up trying to use it as a camera as it's never got the memory to enable it. It's a winding road to unsync stuff to try and free up memory, just rubbish. We both have the same problem and so do a lot of our friends with the same phone. I'm not even going to bother "recycling" this phone, I even feel the bin is too good for it!


not user friendly for beginners

i have just bought the HTC Explorer and am having a lot of problems understanding set up and syncing. new to internet on a mobile phone. doesn't have a stopwatch which I need(forgot to ask salesperson for that info) and can't find how to write myself notes eg appointments,quick notes.(again forgot to ask salesperson)3 things i wanted on a phone and this one doesnt have any of them. sales person recommended this over the huawei. think i'll be regretting buying this phone. should have researched better.

Warrington, UK


great phone had it for a year and a bit. it has certainly come up to its price, all of the features worked really well it did start going weird for a bit but all that means is there is an update for it.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

its nice

i like this htc explorer its very good product and wifi is also very nice

Lahore, Pakistan

Awesome Phone

This is a great phone. A lot better than I thought it would be when I bought it 7-8 months ago. It's back cover is the best you can think of. After using this for a long time, I haven't got bored of it till date. The keyboard and text predicting is absolutely awsome. The screen size is good. I've dropped this phone on it's screen a couple of times, but it's still in great condition. I use facebook on it, and it works without any problem at all. It's touch is great. HTC's most reasonably priced phone. =)