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Very bad phone, highly advise against it

This phone at first worked alright. The camera wasn't as good as the specs described and it doesn't have flash. A few months into using it it stated to malfunction, the screen would not come on and I had to take it into the supplier. After that it went back to working ok. Then the memory quickly filled up. It has 95MB of internal storage space and most of that is taken up with its own apps which means you can't have any music or photos on your phone. So I had to buy a memory card. However in the meantime the phone got very slow (even though most of the apps are saved on the storage card) so now it takes me ridiculously long to do something as simple as send a text. And even that is difficult because when I try to open a message it keeps sending me back to the main text list screen. I have to click on the one message several times for it to actually open. And, worst of all, it WILL NOT SYNC WITH MY PC. The PC knows something is plugged in and the phone shows as being connected to a PC but the HTC Sync Manager

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


worst mobile...fed up with this mobile..went to the service center for atleast 10 times.i wont buy htc in my lifetime..

Montreal, QC, Canada

Simple, perfect for kids.

The screen is not too big, actually its a little small. It's a great phone, but I really wish it would have a front facing camera, and better ringtones. I bought it for myself as my second phone, 1st one being a Samsung Galaxy S2.

England, UK

Good phone but lacking in places

The HTC Desire C is a good phone, it's reliable, useable and not overly expensive. However, there are some things to be desired. The screen is small which makes it difficult to use the internet and not very user friendly for using apps either. Therefore, the ease of use is effected by the size of the screen. The camera quality is quite terrible, in taking pictures they are very low quality and I would say the battery is rather rubbish too. The battery lasts me 12 hours or less, dependent on usage and brightness setting and therefore, has to be charged every night. Overall, if you are looking for a cheap smartphone I would recommend it but you really do get what you pay for with this phone.

Cheshire, UK

Always Loading

Since the last Android up grade the phone is now Rubish, it won't change a screen without always " Loading " , when a text comes in and is read, it indicates for 30sec not read, and when a text is written and " Send " is pressed it does not send for 30sec, even when on the internet, the phone is not responsive when changing screens. This is the last " htc " I will go back to Samsung

Medway, UK


Poor phone! Everything is bad apart from the sound quality. Also there is no jellybean update for this phone. I bought a Nexus 7 2013 and since then I haven't been using this phone at all. If you want a decent budget phone buy the Motorola Moto G for

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Not worth specing money

i purchased the phone in aug 2012 along with me ma bro & one of ma frnd purcahsed the same phone it's been year and half and we ol have same issue on are phones the screen stops responding before i had a good image of htc but now i think no use of buying any htc would rather go with apple

Kent, UK


This phone is loudly rubbish! It's expensive for what it is. HTC were wrong to sell this phone. This phone would only be worth half the cost if it came with a flash, face forwarding camera and a better user interface. This phone is a lag machine! Takes ages to load anything and today my phone broke down on me. Sadly I can't recommend HTC and no way on this planet would I come back to HTC or recommend the Desire C.

Ontario, Canada

Ice scrapper

Like Most people, I use the camera to capture pictures of price tags in store to comparison shop, can't do that with this phone! Quality of camera very bad! Since I've had the phone, it would randomly reboot (maybe once a week). It then started rebooting several times a day. It now reboots several times an hour. Its out of warranty and cheaper to move on. Wish I never opted for this phone. Now costing me $100 to buy our cell contract to replace phone. had LOTS of different manufacturers of phones, always had success with Samsung, heading back there now!!


Not so awesome

The last system update I received was several months ago. Today I've got an update, the system did not update but had erased everything on my phone. The second time I try to update it succefully updates and remember the settings I've set after the first update. ALL MY APPS AND DATA HAVE BEEN ERASED, DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW ANGRY I AM NOW? It is not rooted., and never tried. Also after the update I've received a Mail update (what?) The phone was not so laggy, now it is. I know I will not get my data back. The camera app rotates random pictures. This smartphone is not a gaming one, not a internet browsing one, it's just lag. I've cleaned my cache, I regularly stop apps, I don't use a launcher or locker, still lags. Seriously, HTC?