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Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, UK


It is a really good companion to all new HTC Phones but i don't like the construction, i would recommend it to the elderly who have a HTC Phone


HTC mini +

Has been an excellent tool so far, very convenient when you dont want to be using a large 5inch screen all the time, saves battery on the actual handset and i found myself using it alot of the time for my remote, media player and phone calls as well as notifications. Although battery didnt seem to last as long as i thought it would roughly 8 hours

Porthcawl, Bridgend, UK

Absolutely a must for M7/8

This is a little gem i am so impressed with it i would recommend you having it for your m7 or m8. I work in the building trade which is not the best place for my M8 with all the dust rain and bad situations for my phone, i have the M7 as a spare phone which i was going to use as a work phone but i forget to swap sims or just to busy to change them so i decided to buy this mini, i don,t take my M8 out of my pocket, the calls are very clear and loud the info is there on the little screen, which reminds me of the old 90s mobile phone except the battery lasts a lot longer and it is so thin and small.. i found myself just carrying it around in my hand, my friends think its absolutely amazing as well as being very stylish or modern looking, i edited the text to suit my type of replies which was a bonus (via settings in the m8) it vibrates and rings both can be turned off, camera is a neat feature and the call list works great. Lastly the red dot pointer has come in handy on a few occasions ;)


great accessory

I found HTC mini to be a perfect companion for most social instances where you can't reach for your bulky phone. Apart from its obvious upsides, it offers the flexibility to handle calls without draining your phone's battery and offers the discretion of a mini phone without the nosy guy next to you looking at your 5inch screen. Works perfectly with HTC one, but would love it if it did the same with other Android devices by other manufacturers.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Mini+ is a great accessory. Its a fun device. Call quality is nice. Mini+ is a perfect companion for my HTC One Max. With Mini+ i can do so many things like - access your phonebook book directly from Mini+ to make and receive calls. Also I can read incoming sms directly on Mini+. And get notifications on Mini+ for new mail or messages on social networks. Apart from that Mini+ can be uses as Remote control for paired TV on my One Max. And also I use it as shutter trigger for my phone's camera and to control media player. And it has flash light that can be used as pointer while giving presentation. Moreover it has "Find your Phone/" feature to locate phone when both are connected. I am totally mesmerised by Mini+ and its features.

New Jersey, USA

great idea

I thought in the was the size of a small cordless house phone .but the mini is a mini for real.I have the HTC one max,and I found that having the mini works out great for 80$.with the work I do my phones sometimes take a beating,so be able to answer my calls with the mini instead has been also has a lot more features that I didn't know it had until I received it.I also use my phone as a remote control for my electronics, and the mini has taken over those duties as can receive text ,check you calendar, and many other useful things with out having to pick up your main also will locate your phone if you lose or miss place it.fits great in any pocket

California, USA

Great buy but you may want to wait till the smart version comes out.

I'm super happy with the purchase but without the ability to install the same apps I love on my main HTC phone, I have to recommend that you wait till the next version comes out because I hear it will have the same apps and features of the current HTC model. That way, you won't feel limited when using your second phone.

Iowa, USA

I love having my minimote

It makes giving presentations amazingly easy now that i have an MHL adapter kit. Business men look at me when all i need is my HTC One to wow the audience with a presentation at work . A+ product guys