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Great concept, poorly implemented.

I picked two of these up at the Verizon store, and will be returning them. They are a great concept, and seem to be exactly the sort of thing BT4.0 was created for. However, HTC had implemented them very poorly. First off, while they look great, the included strap would need to be replaced. It has a plastic slider that releases it... Which slides way too easily. Second, they don't seem very rugged. A very flimsy plastic has been used for the sides, and I fully expect it will break fairly quickly. And then we get to the functionality... I fully expected that, like the similar Tile, this would be nameable so that I can find either of two items... And it is. But, power-cycle the phone, or leave Bluetooth of for too long, and the name disappears. While we're at 'Bluetooth off', it seems that when it is not actively connected to the phone, it goes into a pairing mode... And this can drain the battery extremely fast. Lastly, I can confirm, unfortunately, that the proximity alarm goes off randomly... Had it tel


Awesome accessory

This accessory is super awesome. Has many cool features and super handy. I would suggest to anyone who has once lost their phone or keys.

Bangkok, Thailand

Very disappointed

At first I was very excited when i read about the HTC Fetch. The idea is awesome, use your phone to find your keys, use your keyring to find your phone. Unfortunately the build quality of the Fetch is absolutely terrible. I ordered it online since we don't get many HTC accessories in Thailand. Conectinc it with my HTC One was easy, no problems there at all. But sometimes it would just not want to connect to the phone after they were paired. had to open it, remove the battery and close it. The included battery was not fully charged, so in the 2 months that i used the Fetch I had to change batteries 2 times, and i had to remove the battery a few times to get it connecting to my phone, now the cover won't close at all anymore and I can thrown my Fetch away. So all in all, although the idea is great, the actual device was a waste of money.


Missing useful features..

I've just ordered the Fetch and here's an aspect I just discovered when testing its features: while the device starts to beep indeed when the phone is out of range, nothing happens if I just turn off the phone. Supposing someone is trying to steal the phone, obviously the first thing he`ll try to do is to turn off the phone. Considering the locking pattern will not prevent this action, it seems like the fetch is kind of useless in this scenario. Maybe, there is a way of improve this aspect, either by preventing the Phone to be turned off while the lock pattern is active or by making the Fetch start beeping also when the phone is turned off.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Gym time and work time

Just got my fetch last night and the first thing came in my head is how about when I spin at the gym? I usually bring my phone to the spinning room but not my keys. In this case the fetch will be together with my keys. 15 meters is too close. How am I gonna workout with my keys, fetch and the phone? It will be a hassle! I also walk around a lot at work from my office to the warehouse. I bring my phone with me all the time but leave my keys in my office. This will also be a problem because then the fetch will beep as soon as I walk out the office.


It does exactly what it says on the tin!

After having a go with the HTC Fetch in-store, I knew I had to get one. And now I've had one for a few months I've been using it lots. One thing I was worried about was whether the bluetooth would have an impact on my phones batterylife, but I've only noticed a 2-3% battery drop when the fetch is connected for a day! Apart from the usual locating your phone and keys feature that the fetch is for, which is really useful, I've also been loving the ability to use the fetch as a remote shutter release for my One and One Max; no more need to use self-timers. I think that


Best Accessory Ever!

I rarely come across a device that has me say wow these days however the fetch is such a device. It literally does everything it

London, UK

Does Exactly what what the name says

It sure does do what the name says the HTC Fetch has made my life easier for me...literally. I sometime at times forget where i put my HTC One Max or vice versa my keys so with a one click i can find my keys or my HTC One Max. I like the shape of the Fetch key the way its blends with the keys and it so its not too big to not keep in ur pockets. The other feature i like about the HTC Fetch is i can use it a remote for the Camera as the HTC One Max is quite big and while having the camera on and pressing the designated button i can snap away. it will ideal as well as for portraits with family and having the timer on. I have the HTC Fetch and would definitely recommend this accessories for people who like me misplace your HTC One Max or keys and another way to take Pictures on my HTC One Max.


Fetch and then some!

If you're prone to forgetting where you've left your mobile device and are always scrambling to get someone to call it for you to search for it, perhaps the HTC Fetch might be something for you to consider. It's a little device that can be attached to your keyring where at the touch of a button, the paired device would sound in a distinct and audibly loud manner to ensure that finding your device is a straightforward affair. Conversely, once you've paired your device you can also activate the Fetch function on your device to search for the Fetch as well (comes in handy if you're misplaced your keys). Another advantage of the fetch is that you can use it as a remote shutter release for your phone's camera. can be quite useful, especially if you have shaky hands or need to take a group pic and you want to be in it as well. I found its industrial design to be very well done as is typical of HTC, and feels solid for what it is. Doesn't feel like it would give way or crack at the slightest pressure or drop, even


HTC Fetch

The HTC Fetch was an interesting product announced by HTC late last year (2013). The unassuming and simple little black square (with rounded edges) doesn't really provide any hints as to its purpose, at all. It's actually an accessory designed to be used with your HTC device, if you remember the old gadgets you could attach to your keys and click your fingers (or if you bought a cool one, whistle) and it would let out a sound so you could find your keys? Well the Fetch is a sort of 21st century version of the same thing, except it hooks into your HTC One device via bluetooth. There are a number of pretty cool features this little device brings, first up is the ability to set off your phones ringtone in case you can't remember where you last placed it. Simply press the button on the Fetch and your HTC phone will start ringing (just make sure you have a non-embarrassing ringtone before you try it in public!). You have to be within 15 meters of your phone for this to work however, but in reality any further an