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scratches when you try to remove

Don't buy this if you love your phone. Instead of protecting it creates scratches while you try to remove the case


Double dip cover .... The cover that scratches

While the case looks like a quality item, the first time you have to remove it will show you its biggest downfall. Scratches scratches and more scratches ....... on the speaker grill and on the back of the phone. In hindsight I would say that the cover might cause more scratches then no cover. Certainly for a premium price I expected more.


HTC Double Dip Hard Shell Case

I've had my HTC One in a Otterbox case for maximum protection, but I got tired of the beauty of this phone being hidden as well as the bulkiness of the Otterbox. The HTC One is probably one of the best looking phones (if not the best) available. The Double Dip case allows the HTC One to maintain its beauty and perfect form. The case has a good feel to it. I'm not sure what will happen to it when dropped from 3 or 4 feet, but I don't expect much damage to the phone. The only negative I've seen so far is sometimes I inadvertently toggle the volume rocker, but no big deal. If you want some protection for your HTC One and keep the look of it intact then get a Double Dip Hard Shell case.


Flimsy and causes scratches

I bought this case shortly after purchasing my original HTC One (M7) and in less than a month the case had cracks at the volume buttons just from normal use. Upon taking the case off, I noticed that it had caused scratches on the backside of the aluminum body of the phone, presumably from trapped dirt particles being pushed around inside. The case itself was tolerable but even though it fit tightly against the phone edges, it was loose around the back of the phone - this is what probably caused the scratching, as there is no padding or standoff between case and phone. My case sits in a drawer now, unusable - I was going to call HTC about the issues, but I've learned my lesson in dealing with them and buying their products.


Great Looking Case

This case looks really colorful and sporty. I actually alternate between this and the flip case because I can't decide which one of them is actually better looking. The case offers 360 degree protection for the metal body, while giving access to headphone and USB ports. It also doesn't block the IR blaster, so you can still use that functionality. The three-tone color gives a modern yet playful look, without being too casual. My only problem is that, during taking it off and putting it on, I have to be really careful so I won't scratch the metal body. Oh, and the holes are a little difficult to clean. But overall, it's a must-have case!


good case but wrong color

well i ordered this case a few days ago and when i received it i was a little disappointed with the color. i ordered a custom case with blue top and bottom with the neon yellow middle. well it is bright but not what i was expecting. its like an actual yellow not neon. other then that i like everything else about the case.

San Jose, CA, USA

Best case I've ever had

It was the best case I've ever had. The colors are so nice, and it feels very smooth. It is not as heavy as I thought, which is good. It does look very professional. Carefully made. Recommended.


Great in the start but turns out ends up "bad".

To start with it's a nice cover and it protects your phone just as what you want it to, but the cover starts to take up different dirt and scratches the phone all the way round but the screen, this leaves the phone when you wan't to take it out from the cover with a lot of scratches where you can see the aluminium. Second the cover looks fine but if you wear tight jeans, some of the cover might take some color from your jeans, however that isn't that bad. If you can life with that it is an excellent cover however I've found myself to become a little sad when I removed the cover from my phone :-(

Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, UK


This case is very good, yet leaves scratches in the aluminium at the back...if you do not mind that, definitely go for it! It is an excellent protection for your phone

Jakarta, Indonesia

A quick review

Okay, let's get is short: PROS: 1. It looks really great either from afar and up-close. Some of my friends happened to give it compliments. 2. Very tight, strong and it offers great protection against occasional droppings. CONS: 1. It leaves scratches around the upper speaker grills as I removed this part from the phone. 2. Tactility issue with volume buttons. It could have been thinner on these parts.