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Martin Walker

HTC BoomBass: charging mode.

This accessory is amazingly bass filled, bu that's it, some genres are not built or designed to have bass, most are and they make my music experience amazing, Just the fact of the LED light doesn't really give me much information other than when it's on and when it's connected and when it's low, I have realized that BoomSound is automatically turned off, which is a shame I'd like to see there be an international update for the HTC one to be able to control what you use for music playback for the consumer to fine tune his/her music experience, overall though this item is definitely good for the price.


Perfect trip partner

I've never thought i'll enjoy this accessory so much. I admit i only use it on trips in the hotel room. It's the most easiest method of listening music. While i have a laptop that i always carry around in trips this has proven to be more easy, reliable, comfortable. I appreciate the sound quality in combination with a device with front facing stereo speakers it's amazing.

Manchester, UK

Great looking device, but not without it's flaws

The pros: Looks great - can't fault the design Easy to use - pairs by NFC or Bluetooth instantly Sounds good for it's size The cons: No battery status LED - no idea when it's charged or about to die It shakes the phone off through vibrations during playback It doesn't charge the device while you're listening which is a shame

Bristol, City of Bristol, UK


Works seamlessly and quickly. Nice design, only comment is that occasionally the bass is so strong the phone slips off the stand.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Small and useful

Here's my quick review afte rusing this accessory for a while: 1. Pairing with HTC One max is easy. Turn the phone's NFC on, tap, and there you go! It also works with HTC One, I guess. 2. It adds bass to your music playback. I found it perfect for some music genres and not so suitable for some others. 3. The design is really cute and industrial. HTC knows how to do this kind of stuff. 4. It also functions as stand. You know, HTC One max is a large device and watching video clips with hands can be tiring after some time.


Best partner for BoomSound

It is simple and easy to use. It doesn


HTC BoomBass

It is simple and easy to use. It doesn


Tinny Magic Box

Boombass is a tiny magic box which gives a low pumping bass complementing the BoomSound speakers, This thing does the job and is a perfect buy for all music enthusiasts. Listening to songs and watching movies has reached new heights thanks to the boombass! Come to the look and feel, it's made of high quality plastic and feels very premium, the combination of the dull grey and funky red makes it an eye candy. I Thanks HTC for sending me this device to test out. HTC is always well-known for its innovation, in this case they have done the same. I would recommend this device, worth the buy!


Best sound accessory for the One series!

I had the opportunity to test out the HTC BoomBass. At first, I wasn't sold with the point of having a separate speaker given the BoomSound feature of the HTC One series. But when I tried it - I just loved it! It's just perfect!!!! :) Let's start with how it looks like. Well it's a cube-shaped speaker with colors black and red. The color combination is perfect! Plus it's just a small accessory so there's no hassle for you in bringing it else where. It's really handy. Now going to the sound quality - it's just amazing. In fact I'm listening to it now while writing this review. That "bass feel" is really heard when the volume is on full blast. When listening to EDM Music, it's like having a party in your own room. Lastly, who would ever though this cute handy accessory would have a rechargeable battery of it's own? I love the fact that I can bring and use it anywhere I go and play music, no plugs needed as long as it's charged. You can also use your powerbanks to charge this device. I commend HTC for creating


Bringing the Bass!

The HTC BoomBass isn't meant to be confused as an external bluetooth speaker but rather is a subwoofer for the current line up of HTC One devices sporting BoomSound speakers. Thanks to HTC for making this accessory available for my review. Pairing your mobile to the BoomBass is quite painless thanks to the NFC pairing and it then uses Bluetooth to transmit the audio feed to the BoomBass. to Start off, just tap your NFC enabled HTC One or One Max (make sure NFC is on) and you'll be ready to go in seconds. tap it again to stop the pairing, it's as simple as that. Now for the audio bit. The HTC One series with BoomSound speakers are no slouched for mobile audio by any means, but the BoomBass is meant to be a good companion to these devices, and I must say, it does the job well. It adds that extra kick to the bass of music, and of course the quality of it depends on the quality of the audio track as well as how bass heavy the track is. But there is a marked difference to listening to music with the BoomBass on