Forgot your screen lock pattern?

If you’ve forgotten your screen lock pattern, you have up to five attempts to try and unlock your phone. If this fails, you can unlock the phone by entering your Google Account user name and password.
  1. On the security screen, enter your lock pattern.
  2. After the fifth attempt, when you’re asked to wait for 30 seconds, tap OK.
  3. If the display goes off, press the POWER button to turn the display back on, and then unlock the screen.
  4. Tap the Forgot pattern? button when it appears.
  5. Enter your Google Account name and password, and then tap Sign in. You’ll then be asked to choose a new screen lock. If you no longer want to have a screen lock, just press to exit the Security screen.
Note: Verizon phones have their own security policy which will automatically do a factory reset after 10 incorrect passwords have been entered. This policy can also be enforced by Exchange servers.