What are pushpins?

What are pushpins?

Pushpins are handy for remembering places you want to visit, getting directions, or sharing location info. They're automatically shown on the map when you search for places. You can also manually add a pushpin.

When you tap a pushpin for a store, restaurant, or other point of interest, the about screen opens and displays additional info, such as the street address, directions, phone number, hours, web address, and customer reviews. You can choose what to do with the location info, such as pin to your Start screen, add to your favorites, or share it.

Adding a pushpin

While viewing your map, press and hold on the spot where you'd like to add a pushpin.

Viewing pushpins as a list

If several pushpins are shown on the map after you've done a search, you can display them as a list to see the search results in detail.
While viewing the map, tap > search results.
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