Shortcuts & Clock widget

Shortcuts & Clock widget

Open often-used apps or preview their contents right from the Home screen.

From the Shortcuts & Clock widget, you can:

  • Tap the shortcut to an app to open it
  • Tap the information bar to extend it and view the contents of that app
  • Tap the preview of the content and open it

Customizing the Shortcuts & Clock widget

You can choose which shortcuts and city appear on the Shortcuts & Clock widget.
  1. On the Home screen, tap and hold the Shortcuts & Clock widget. Don't lift your finger just yet.
  2. Drag the widget to .
  3. From this screen, you can:
    • Tap a shortcut slot, and then choose an app or shortcut to assign to it.
    • Tap the time, and then select a city that will appear in the widget. If your city is not included in the list, tap to add your city.
  4. Tap Done.

The Shortcuts & Clock widget is updated.

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